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cosmetic dentistry Beverly Hills

Top 10 Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures to Know

You may have heard a lot about cosmetic dentistry. Here’s list of top 10 procedures under cosmetic dentistry. Looking for a cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills? Call Smile Angles of Beverly Hills today and schedule your complimentary dental consultation. Porcelain Veneers Dental Implants Teeth Whitening Dental Bonding White Fillings Dental Crown Invisalign Orthodontics & Braces

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Considering Same Day Dental Implants in Beverly Hills, CA?

Did you know you get get your Dental Implants in just a single visit? Same day dental implants are convenient and virtually pain-free. The technologically-advanced service provides patients with the ultimate in cosmetic dentistry-a beautiful smile. If you want to restore your self-confidence by investing in your future success, consider the value of same day

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non toxic dental fillings

Did you Know Mercury Fillings Can Cause Poisoning

Reasons to go Holistic! There has been a debate raging for decades now (going back to the 1970’s) surrounding mercury fillings and possible mercury poisoning links. The rise of holistic dentistry in Los Angeles has helped to bring this into the spotlight. Studies have been performed on the issue since the 1970’s in the United

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free dental consultation Beverly Hills

Where to Go for Free Dental Consultation in Los Angeles, CA

Complimentary Dental Consultation at Smile Angels of Beverly Hills Are you looking for a good dentist that offer Complimentary Dental Consultation in Los Angeles? Smile Angels at Beverly Hills is one of the most trusted places to receive dental services. The majority of our clients’ needs entail dental implants, root canals, a full mouth reconstruction,

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emergency dentist Los Angeles 24/7

What to do During a Tooth Emergency

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, contact 24/7 Los Angeles emergency dentist, Smile Angels of Beverly Hills. A tooth emergency can happen in the blink of an eye. Taking the time to understand how you should react in the event of a dental emergency is the most proactive measure you can take. Regardless of

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hollywood smile

Get Your Smile Fixed For Less Than You Think

We are different at Smile Angels of Beverly Hills. We thrive on the opportunity to take unique approaches when it comes to taking care of each individual patient. We implement practices that are more mainstream and holistic, as our primary goal is to ensure our customers leave our office with a smile that is healthy

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2019 Ultimate Guide to Teeth Whitening in Los Angeles

Teeth whitening is on the rise. After all, who doesn’t want a white smile? The problem is that there are all sorts of rumors surrounding the process of getting your teeth whitened. New home remedies, rumors, and deceptively impotent products spring up every week. It can be very difficult to find out what realistically works

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