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teeth grinding treatment beverly hills

Five Things About Teeth Grinding That Will Send You Running to Your Dentist

teeth grinding treatment beverly hillsTooth grinding (or bruxism as it’s known in technical terms) is a problem that affects more people than most people realize – you may be one of them. In fact, unless you’re a bruxism sufferer, you may wonder what the big deal is. After all, they’re teeth. They grind together every time you take a bite! The fact is, it’s much more serious than that. Here are five facts anyone who suffers from persistent grinding of the teeth ought to know, but be warned, reading beyond this point may send you sprinting to your dentist’s office! Ready? Here we go…

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Your diet and your dental health, 10 things you don’t know

Your diet and oral health are closely linked which many people don’t realize. We have always heard dentists say to avoid sugar but there are many other factors that should be considered when evaluating dental health importance. Nutrients found in vegetables, fruits, nuts and legumes enhance the body’s ability to fight inflammation and bacteria, which

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Children Dentistry Beverly Hills

Is Sedation Dentistry Safe for my Child?

Sedation Dentistry in Beverly Hills is the use of medical drugs that will calm nervousness and anxiety in children. Dentists may recommend sedation when a child is extremely anxious or if a child must undergo multiple procedures, such as fillings, at one time. If your child has a strong gag-reflex, then sedation may be beneficial when

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Valentine’s Day Dental Specials

  Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and Dr. Bruce Vafa DDS. at Smile Angels of Beverly Hills is offering his patients a unique and cost effective deal now through the end of February. This is the best gift for your or your loved ones to transform your/their smile to a healthy beautiful

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children dentistry beverly hills

How Often Does Your Child Go To The Dentist?

Most parents wonder how often they should take their child to the dentist. They also wonder “when should I take my baby to dentist for the first time“.  Most children should visit the dentist by the time they are a year old or when their teeth come through. For younger children, such as toddlers with

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