Amalgam-Mercury Filling Removal in Los Angeles, CA
Amalgam-Mercury Filling Removal

Amalgam-Mercury Filling Removal in Los Angeles, CA

Amalgam-Mercury Filling Removal is a popular dental treatment in Los Angeles. It is becoming increasingly popular today to have white teeth. It is on the rise today and many people are having the dentist remove mercury amalgam fillings and replacing them with white ones. While white fillings will certainly brighten your smile, there are other factors involved that reveal the importance of removing amalgam fillings.

The Truth about Amalgam Fillings

Amalgam fillings consist of several different metals that have been powdered. These shiny metal fillings are made from silver, copper, tin, and mercury. Other metals may also be used, but about half of the mixture is made from mercury, which is clearly a poison. In spite of its common use for more than a century and ease of installation, it is still true that there is no safe amount of mercury in human tissue.

While most people do not suffer any ill noticeable effects from mercury, others will. Some can experience mercury poisoning, and others may have some mercury fillings side effects. This is even more likely if you have several mercury amalgam fillings. Although you will not get liquid mercury in your mouth, you will definitely get mercury vapor with chewing and breathe it in.

Mercury Vapor

The truth about amalgam fillings is that breathing mercury vapor from your amalgam fillings can result in health problems. Some of the more serious symptoms include changes in your personality, tremors, fatigue, depression, headaches, memory loss, weight loss, loss of appetite, gum disease, and slowed nerve conduction. It can also cause brain damage and may have a negative impact on the fetus in pregnant women. Although it is a slow process, it is still mercury poisoning and reveals a very strong reason to get amalgam-mercury filling removal.

Another one of the mercury fillings side effects is that of the development of lichenoid mucositis. This condition is an inflammation of the lining in your mouth and it results in the appearance of flat lesions. It can be caused by an allergic reaction to some metals and the metal encourages the growth of it. Lichenoid mucositis can be mistaken for oral lichen planus which may become pre-cancerous.

Studies have shown that removing mercury fillings has resulted in improved health problems in patients that suffered from them. The mercury fillings side effects diminished over time and patients stated that they felt they had better health.

Mercury Cure

Mercury tends to accumulate in the body. While some of it passes through the body, some of it will remain. At the present time, there is no cure or standard way to eliminate it. It is best to avoid being contaminated with it to avoid mercury poisoning. Having your dentist perform amalgam-mercury filling removal may help cure your mercury-related problems or may prevent future ones.

Problems with Amalgam Fillings

Any filling material that is used will have its own unique properties. This means there will be both pros and cons. Every filling material can be damaged or develop problems. Mercury amalgams, though once a favorite with dentists because of their strength and low cost can develop cracks, an improper seal between the tooth and the filling, or the tooth around it may decay.

These problems often mean that a filling needs to be replaced. When there is a problem with a filling, you may notice some symptoms, which could include a toothache, sensitivity, or pain when you bite with it. Your dentist can take a look at them and decide if they are bad and need to be replaced with white fillings. If you have had your amalgam fillings for some time, this could give you another reason to remove mercury amalgam fillings.

How Is a Mercury-amalgam Filling Removed?

The dentist will need to take several extra steps to remove mercury amalgam fillings. This helps to ensure that you avoid breathing in more mercury vapors. You will be given protection for your head, face, and eyes. The only thing that will be visible is your mouth. Your whole body will also be covered to protect your skin. You will be breathing oxygen through a mask.

After the filling has been removed, depending on the size of the filling, the tooth will then be restored by the dentists at Smile Angels of Beverly Hills. If much of the tooth had to be removed in the process, you will need a dental crown. Otherwise, you can get a composite filling. This type of filling is white and will match the color of your other teeth and it is non-toxic. Another advantage of a composite filling is that it bonds with your teeth and strengthens them, but amalgam fillings will not.

Benefits of Amalgam-mercury Filling Removal

Once the fillings have been removed, you will be able to enjoy several benefits. They include:

  • Avoid ongoing exposure to mercury
  • Gain an improved smile – with composite fillings, your teeth will once again look white and healthy
  • Give you peace of mind knowing that the mercury is gone.

Who Should Seek Amalgam-mercury Filling Removal?

Not everyone who has these fillings needs to remove mercury amalgam fillings. While there is no doubt that mercury is very poisonous, it is in a rather stable condition in fillings. Some vapor will escape, but generally not much and in most people in will not lead to mercury poisoning.

People who are allergic to the metal and have mouth sores or other conditions already mentioned should seek amalgam-mercury filling removal. Women who are thinking about getting pregnant or who are breastfeeding should have them removed.

In the removal process, some mercury vapor will be breathed-in. This is unavoidable even though steps will be taken to greatly reduce the likelihood. This may actually lead to a slight increase in symptoms for a few days.

When you understand the truth about amalgam fillings and you want to avoid further poison mercury buildup in your body, you need to talk to your dentist to learn more about how to remove mercury amalgam fillings. The importance of removing amalgam fillings cannot be stressed enough.

You not only want the benefit of having the mercury removed from your body, but you need to have it done safely. The dentists at Smile Angels of Beverly Hills follow the best practices in the removal process to ensure your safety.

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