Best Full Mouth Reconstruction Dentist in Los Angeles
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Best Full Mouth Reconstruction Dentist in Los Angeles

There are several people suffering from dental problems and the only way to get back their smile is through a full mouth restoration. Although you may visit a general dentist for solutions, there is nothing much these dentists can do because they aren’t skilled enough to offer the reconstruction treatment you need. A full mouth rehabilitation procedure is a very involving cosmetic type of surgery whereby every tooth is restored individually. Because it is a laborious surgery, you should only seek the services of a Los Angeles dentist with an impeccable success history. Your ideal dentist will help you go through the transition of the whole process, from preparing for surgery to recovery.

If you are experiencing dental pains or feel awkward due to missing teeth, a full mouth reconstruction is the most suitable treatment for you. It will not only improve how you feel about your smile but also improve your general dental health. This is because a full mouth rehabilitation process replaces missing or broken teeth, and restores the proper functioning of your gums and jaw that offer support to your mouth. At the end of this procedure, you will eventually get a mouth that functions the way you want it to.

How to find a Full Mouth Reconstruction Dentist in Los Angeles, CA

Choosing the right Los Angeles full mouth reconstruction dentist  for your case is necessary for your overall comfort and satisfaction. Some of the things you should check include:

  • Confirm their Level of Expertise
    • You need a dentist who is highly skilled and experienced in the cosmetic dentistry field. It is obvious that the more cases a dentist has handled the more likely they are to offer reliable results.
  • Check the Before and After Pictures
    • When considering the skills of your dentist, one of the important factors that you should check include the before and after photos. Ensure that the dentist you choose has successful images of prior surgeries. These pictures are essential to evaluate the expertise and performance of your dentist.
  • Read Reviews from Other Patients Like You
    • Before you proceed to choose your cosmetic dentist, remember to read online reviews from other previous clients. Reading reviews from other patients will give you ideas on what to expect during and after the treatment. Any successful dentist will gladly give you a list of some of his or her previous patients. Some dentists include a smile gallery and testimonials of previous clients on their website. Request your dentist to provide you with a list of patients he or she has treated that had a similar case to yours, and then proceed to inquire about their treatment time, outcome, cost, and whether the patient is a current patient (still on record). This exercise will not only provide you with a visual example on the type of dental services the dentist can offer but you will also learn more about dentistry.
  • Check the Level of Education
    • The basic cosmetic dentistry training is offered by dental schools. Therefore, ensure that you have requested for the post graduate credentials from your cosmetic dentist, and inquire what membership affiliations they provide. General dentists that are licensed to practice in Santa Monica are trained to offer a variety of dental services, including some that are offered by specialists, for instance, root canal therapy and periodontal surgery among others. Depending on the certification and continuing education, some dentists can restore, place dental implants, and offer anesthesia. However, not just any general dentist can offer a full mouth restoration. To determine the most qualified dentist, choose one who takes continuing education (CE) courses on full mouth dental reconstruction. Such dentists will most likely use the latest technology and skills to aid your full mouth case.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Technology

While visiting your dentist in the clinic for the first time, have a look at the office. This is the best opportunity to check the equipment they have and to inquire if they have all dental specialists under one roof. You should also ask your dentist some of the procedures they offer and the technology they use.

Schedule for a Free Full Mouth Reconstruction Consultation

The first appointment with your dentist should involve an examination, discussion, x-rays, and a diagnosis. You can discuss financial information and treatment plans later during your second appointment, especially if your best dentist in Los Angeles has recommended that you get a full mouth restoration. In most cases, the actual treatment begins during the third appointment.

Results of Undergoing a Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedure

Before you get started with your full mouth dental reconstruction plan, you and your dentist will have goals that you want to achieve after the treatment. Complying with the treatment plan, recovery requirements, and home care will have a great effect on the outcome of your treatment. Also, the period your body takes to heal and if you experience any unexpected problems along the way such as infections, will also greatly affect the results. However, if you strictly follow the instructions of your dentist and your treatment progresses as expected, your full mouth reconstruction will help you achieve the desired outcome.

Benefits of A Full Mouth Restoration

Aesthetic Benefits

Undergoing a full mouth restoration procedure will address your aesthetic worries by correcting:

  1. Insufficient or overgrown gum tissue
  2. Missing teeth
  3. Misshapen teeth
  4. Crowding or spacing issues
  5. Malocclusion or misaligned teeth
  6. Decayed teeth
  7. Chipped, broken, or cracked teeth
  8. Stained teeth
  9. Failing prosthetics
  10. Jagged or sharp teeth edges

Oral Health Advantages

A full mouth reconstruction will solve decay, gum diseases, plaque, bacteria, old dental work, and tartar that contribute to poor oral health and bad breath. According to the ADA, simply straightening your teeth improves oral health by easing daily oral hygiene.

Bruce Vafa DDS is a well-respected, dentist in Beverly Hills Los Angeles and has performed thousands of dental procedures. He has over 20 years of dental experience and has provided dental services to many celebrities around California. In addition to several dental procedures, he uses the latest technology to perform full mouth restorations.

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