Are Dental Implants Painful?
Types of dental implants

Are Dental Implants Painful?

Are you considering the best way to replace your missing tooth? Your jaws and teeth play a significant role in your smile, which is essential to how you feel about yourself.

Additionally, they boost your self-confidence while socializing. However, most people go wondering, is having dental implants painful? Be sure to visit your doctor at Smile Angeles of Beverly Hills, who will help you confirm your worries, like does it hurt to get dental implants? Or how painful is getting dental implants?

Most people always consider filling the missing tooth gaps, and one of the best methods to achieve this is through dental implants. Dental implants will help you restore your self-confidence and beautiful smile while in public.

Generally, dental implants involve a surgery and healing process. Hence, it is essential to understand what the surgery entails as this will help know the level of pain or hurt to expect. Read through this article to learn more about dental implants Los Angeles, with Bruce Vafa DDS.

Will Dental Implant Surgery Hurt?

Usually, a dental implant procedure is performed in two segments. Surgery is the first step followed by a healing process. If you are looking to get dental implant surgery, be sure to book an appointment with your doctor.

The procedure usually involves cutting into your gums. At this point, most people will think that this is indeed a painful procedure. However, your doctor usually uses local anesthesia to help reduce the painful experience or hurt during the surgery.
After anesthetizing the area, your doctor cuts to expose your jawbone. The process involves no hurt nor discomfort following a local anesthetic.

A hole is then drilled after the cut, making the area easily accessible to fix the implant. Although drills may also sound painful, the human jawbone contains no nerves; hence no pain or hurt can be felt. The hurt that you may probably experience is due to pressure which causes minor discomfort.

The dentist will take about one hour to perform the whole process of anesthetizing the area, making the cut, drilling, and fixing your implants. Once the placement is successfully done, your doctor will seal the incision.

The whole time at which the administered anesthesia is active, you will experience no painful instance or hurt at all. The doctor might give you medication to help you relieve pain before the surgery. This is very helpful in reducing the after-procedure pain following the wearing of a local anesthetic. And with the surgery well-performed, the next step would be to start your healing process.

Implants Healing Process

Generally, the dental implant healing process starts with the wearing off of the anesthesia. At this stage, you may experience pain or hurt, and unfortunately, it an unmanageable situation. The only thing you can do at this stage is taking pain relievers. This will help you relieve painful moments during your healing period.

For best results and quick healing, make sure that you follow the aftercare recommendation given by your dentist. Following are some aftercare points after the dental implant procedure.

  • Avoid overly hot food in the first 48 hours
  • Keep off from smoking for about three days after surgery
  • Use pain relievers for any painful instance
  • Use ice packs to relieve any discomfort or painful instance
  • Eat soft and cold food
  • Clean your gums with salt water
  • Continue flossing or brushing
  • If you think something is not right with your implants, see your doctor

The healing process is usually different for every person. Although the surgery process is not painful, you will likely experience pain or hurt instances after the procedure and the recovery process.

It is recommendable that you seek medical attention if you have a painful experience days following the procedure. Most people equate the painful experience as less significant compared to having a missing tooth.

Does Getting Fake Teeth Hurt?

Visiting your doctor should be the first step when you consider getting dental implants. Be sure to look for a professional who will assist you fill your missing gap. With the right doctor, you are certain of quality services, dental implants and minimal pain. Additionally, your doctor will offer you more information regarding the implant surgery, the expectations, and the aftercare guidelines. You will also get to know about the dental implants cost in Los Angeles.

Should I Consider Getting Dental Implants?

It is significant to know that the dental implant procedure is not performed on all patients. Your dentist can recommend additional procedures after examining your situation. Sinus lift and bone crafts are the other procedures your doctor may recommend to enhance your jaw bone situation.

During your first visit, your doctor will assess the quality of your jaw bone, gum, and remaining teeth in determining if you are the right candidate. If your doctor considers you not the right candidate for a dental implant, they may develop the proper treatment for your condition.


Generally, most people find it scary when they have to consider any procedure. However, with dental implants, you shouldn’t experience any pain or hurt instances. You may experience minor discomfort though it should fade within few days. For best results with dental implant procedures, be sure to contact us at Smile Angeles of Beverly Hills and schedule an appointment with Dr. Bruce Vafa DDS.

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