Ways to improve your smile, using cosmetic dentistry in 2019
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Ways to improve your smile, using cosmetic dentistry in 2019

When people think about improving their smiles, they typically think about whitening. However, most experts do not recommend bleaching to people who have tooth-colored fillings, caps, crowns or bonding inside the mouth.

This lack of recommendation is since bleach has no changing color effect on these materials. If a person tries to bleach or whiten his or her teeth, these materials will stand out compared to the newly brighten natural teeth. If you experience this issue, do not worry, a variety of other options are available to improve your smile using cosmetic dentistry.

Adult Orthodontics

This discipline focuses on the alignment of the jaw and teeth. The dentist will use this alignment to improve a person’s smile and oral health. When you see an orthodontist, he or she diagnose, treat, and prevent irregularities of your teeth.

These professionals will use fixed dental appliances called braces and other removable dental appliances to help align the teeth. These fixed items are used to correct an irregular bite, close gaps, straighten teeth, and align teeth and lips.


The process of bonding is used to repair chipped or broken teeth with composite resin. This resin helps to fill in gaps and can reshape and recolor a person’s smile. The professional will roughen the surface of the teeth with an etching solution. He or she will then apply the resin, and then a light will harden it. The final step involves finely polishing the material.

Bridges & Crowns

These fixed prosthetic devices are glued to existing teeth or implants. To cover a damaged tooth or implant, the dentist uses a crown. If you have gaps, the remaining teeth tend to shift which can result in a bad bite. Bridges are used to cover the gap by being glued to the implants or natural teeth that surround this gap.


These custom made replacements are excellent for missing multiple teeth. They can be removed and put back into your mouth. Dentures will take time to get used to and will probably never feel exactly like your natural teeth. However, they are comfortable and look natural.

Early Orthodontics

You can begin orthodontic treatment as your as age six or seven. Even though teeth and jaw are still developing, some conditions such as crowding will be easier to address at this age. Crossbites and protruding front teeth are other conditions that require early intervention.


Your dentist will use a titanium post similar to a tooth root to put in replacement teeth or bridges into an area with missing teeth. These implants require the post to be surgically placed into the jawbone. Implants will not come in and out of the mouth like dentures. They also do not have to be anchored to other teeth like bridges.

Teeth Whitening

As discussed above, teeth whitening is not appropriate for everyone. However, this choice is one of the most straightforward decisions on this list because it only requires a whitening treatment. This treatment can be done in a dental office for professional whitening or at home for a more relaxed whitening. The best choice depends on the number of foods and beverages that discolor teeth you eat.


Veneers are these small pieces of porcelain or plastic that a dentist will glue to your teeth. This procedure can improve the smile of a person whose teeth are discolored, misshaped, or chipped. These veneers are difficult to stain which is excellent for a white smile.

Call or visit the Smile Angels website for more information about any of these ways to improve your smile through cosmetic dentistry.

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