Cost of Veneers in Beverly Hills
Veneers cost in Beverly Hills

Cost of Veneers in Beverly Hills

Cost of Veneers in Beverly Hills

How Much Veneers Cost in Beverly Hills? In Beverly Hills veneers could cost between $950 to $5000. However you should never pay $5000 for a veneers. Even if you are on budget, $3000 still expensive for one veneer. so what should you do? Your next step is to choose an experienced dentist like Dr. Vafa that offers affordable veneers in Beverly Hills. You go online searching Beverly Hills porcelain veneers and find more than you bargained for. You may find every price from $950.00 to $5,000.00 per tooth, and you wonder how they can range so widely from one doctor to the next. Before completely giving up on veneers, you need to know the circumstances that determine the price. You should also learn about “Veneers Gone Wrong“.

What are Some Price Factors for Porcelain Veneers

  • As any good Realtor will tell you, it is all about location, location, location. Where are you looking? Two dentists, offering the exact procedures can have wildly different prices. One dentist is in the heart of a huge city surrounded by wealthy people. This dentist can charge the higher prices and still attract patients willing to pay. A doctor in a rural area will be more mindful of everyday people that do not have money to burn and will not only charge much less but may even work out payments.
  • The number of trips you will need to design and fit your Beverly Hills porcelain veneers will add to your final bill.
  • The extras, like getting temporary veneers while waiting on your permanent ones, are costs that can be avoided. Just be patient.
  • The amount of material your teeth need is one of the major costs. Be sure before you begin what you really need. For instance, if you have a shorter tooth, it will require more material to build it up to match the other teeth.
  • Repairs are sometimes an extra cost most people don’t figure into the original amount, but should. Accidents do happen from time to time, and planning ahead will eliminate surprises later.

Cost of Veneers in Beverly Hills?

$950 per veneer is a fair price for a quality set of veneers! The costliest part of Beverly Hills Porcelain Veneers is deciding on how many to get. Keep in mind, you have to pay for veneers per tooth. A full set of veneers is usually eight to ten veneers that encompass all the teeth in the smile area. Dr. Vafa recommends this for a more uniform look and color.
A partial set is usually two to three veneers. Dr. Vafa suggests those for rebuilding teeth, filling in a gap, or covering localized discolorations. As mentioned, the more work you need, the higher the cost. If you have a sizable gap you want closed, it takes more material to rebuild the tooth to a semblance of its natural shape. The same rule applies if you have a broken tooth you need to have rebuilt.

Long-term Cost Benefits

Even with all the extras that can drive the price up, bear in mind, it is a one-time major investment. Beverly Hills porcelain veneers are still a more cost-effective choice when you consider the alternatives. If your teeth has gaps, you could opt for braces. This would require months of discomfort from moving teeth, multiple visits to the dentist for adjustments, and finally the possibility of your gaps returning anyway.
Beverly Hills porcelain veneers are a permanent solution that involves no pain and no monthly visits with proper care. The material is designed to last 15 years or even more.

Once you have an estimate on how much veneers cost in Beverly Hills, give Dr. Vafa Smile Angels a call. We treat each patient with the attention they deserve. Offering consultations, they will take the time to go over each option and decide the best route for you. Don’t put off taking that first step any longer. A brand new you is waiting.

If you want a perfect smile or just want to fix your crooked teeth, contact Smile Angels of Beverly Hills for a 100% veneers consultation. 

check out WebMD for more information on Veneers. 

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