Natural Dentist- Is Your Dentist, Holistic?

Natural Dentist- Is Your Dentist, Holistic?

Holistic dentistry is also referred to as biological, biocompatible, alternative, integrative, or unconventional dentistry. This type of dentistry considers the oral of health of patients in its entirety including emotional, physical, and sometimes spiritual health. Although there is no set standard to practice alternative dentistry, locating a biological or holistic dentist isn’t easy as it may sound. This is especially because some dentists often advertise themselves as holistic dentists to get more clients. However, there are a few distinct ways you can use to identify dentists who are truly holistic.

Is Your Dentist, Holistic?

Biological dentists don’t use fluoride

Beverly Hills biological dentists don’t offer fluoride dental treatments to any patient, and will never insist for their patients to use toothpaste or mouthwash cleaners that contain toothpaste. Instead, holistic dentists will provide non-toxic and healthy toothpaste suggestions because they are aware that fluoride has in several cases been linked to bone weakening, thyroid complications, lower IQ, and most recently cancer.

A Holistic dentist shouldn’t use amalgam teeth fillings

Your best dentist in Los Angeles will never use amalgam fillings. This is because amalgam is not biocompatible and it has also been proved to be a toxic substance to the human body. Because these fillings contain mercury as the base material, they leak out during mastication. These fillings are also not durable and will wear out over time. Santa Monica physicians have also discovered that the mercury in the amalgam can sometimes leak to the baby when you are breastfeeding or to the fetus during pregnancy.

If the mercury levels in your body increase, it can eventually cause the overgrowth of candida in your body. This is because candida protects your body from mercury. Therefore, if you notice that you are struggling with candida and you have amalgam fillings, consider having them removed by a qualified holistic dentist for you to be able to get rid of the overgrown candida.

They are skilled enough to remove the amalgam fillings

Because amalgam fillings contain high levels of toxic mercury, having them removed is a good idea. However, they should not be removed by just anyone. A holistic dentist is aware of the importance of protecting the patient, him/herself, and other staff members from the mercury toxic effects during removal.

Holistic dentists will cut away instead of grinding the amalgam, and they use both a dental dam and suction to capture fragments and vapor during the removal of the amalgam. These physicians also protect themselves as well as their patients from skin exposure by giving the patient fresh air using a respiratory device that goes through the nose to the patient and ensures that the patient has fresh air and doesn’t breathe in air that is contaminated with mercury vapor.

Some dentists also provide vitamin C through IV therapy while offering this treatment. The inflow of antioxidants and vitamin C will enhance the immune system and protect your body during the treatment.

Biocompatible dentists use only biocompatible materials

Holistic dentists will only use biocompatible material that isn’t harmful to your body. In most cases, these dentists will begin by testing you to ensure that your body won’t reject the material they intend to use. These tests can also be done through kinesiology or testing of the muscles. Whichever way your dentist uses to test you, he or she will most likely not use toxic substances such as amalgam.

They have additional services that they provide to enhance the healing process after the dental procedures

A holistic dentist will also provide unconventional methods that can assist patients to heal quickly after dental procedures. This can include sauna or infrared therapy, or even acupressure. The infrared therapy not only accelerates the healing process but also reduces discomfort. Acupressure on the other hand involves giving you a light massage over the face or any other part of the body, and it doesn’t only feel nice, but also helps with bruises, swellings, and pain. Some other holistic dentists also offer pharmaceutical alternatives to enhance recovery and to relieve pain, for instance, homeopathy.

Biological dentists avoid unhealthy or unnecessary procedures such as excessive x-rays, root canals, or removal of wisdom teeth. Holistic dentists will assist you to identify an alternative treatment that can heal a tooth that you may have been led to believe that requires a root canal, and in some other cases they may suggest that the tooth be removed in a healthy way to avoid complications in the long run.

Biological dentists are also aware that x-rays should only be used only when required to see what is necessary and to create a treatment plan based on the results. Your holistic dentist will also protect you during the x-rays and ensure that your thyroid gland is protected.

Finally, your holistic dentist may also advise you to leave your wisdom teeth in tact if they aren’t causing any problems or discomfort. In case your wisdom teeth have grown in an unusual direction, it may be necessary to remove them. However, if they aren’t bothering you, there is no need to experience the unnecessary worry of having them removed. Ensure you talk to the nearest holistic dentist in Beverly Hills to assist you make the right decision.

How to determine the right Holistic dentist for you

To be able to locate a dentist who has philosophies that are similar to yours, ensure that you ask questions. For instance, you can ask questions on how a dentist is able to determine the filling material to use and how they will know it is the right one for you. You can also ask them to explain why you have cavities on only one side of your mouth. If you are looking for a holistic dentist, the answers they will provide will revolve around the entire body. Consider those who give answers based on how your oral health will affect your general health.

Remember that you always have the right to ask questions to inquire on what is going on. Although most dentists may have genuine intentions, the truth is that there are no two people who have best interests that are similar and there are several alternatives that different dentists can give you. It’s more than just your right to ask questions concerning your health; after all, it’s your health.

The safest approach would be to schedule for a consultation with our Beverly Hills holistic dentist Bruce Vafa, DDS. Your dentist will take your whole body into consideration. In case you are looking for such a dentist, call our Los Angeles office and one of our holistic physicians will answer your questions so that you can decide whether they are truly holistic.

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