Is Your Dentist Really Holistic?

Is Your Dentist Really Holistic?

If you are anywhere near California, you might have heard of a Los Angeles holistic dentist and you are wondering, who is a holistic dentist? Holistic dentists are simply biological ones. They are also the most preferred because they treat their patients naturally and with fewer drugs or surgical procedures common in conventional dentistry. There are some dentist offices, which brand and label themselves as holistic. There is no easy way for you to know this, but luckily, our Beverly Hills holistic dentist is looking out for you.

Here are signs to know if your dentist is really holistic:

  1. Amalgam Fillings isn’t an Option
    Amalgam fillings are downright toxic to your body. Furthermore, the fillings are not biocompatible. This isn’t an option for a holistic or a biological dentist and our Beverly Hills holistic dentist knows this better. Amalgam contains mercury, which tackles candida, protecting the body from mercury itself. The fillings also, over time, wear down and may even leak, harming the fetus during pregnancy. No holistic dentist will even consider having mercury in their patient’s oral cavity.
  2. No Fluoride Use
    Some of the ramifications for the use of fluoride treatments include white spots on a client’s teeth. It also is harmful to the thyroid and it withers the bones. It is particularly harmful to children and you should be wary of such doctors.
  3. No Unnecessary or Excessive X-Rays
    The use of X-rays sparingly reduces exposure to cumulative radiation and no holistic dentist will use them for simple procedures that do not require one. Be aware of those dentists who claim to be holistic, but would be quick to conduct an x-ray of a child. The procedure is only appropriate on necessary occasions, and it should be low and reasonably achievable. Low dose x-rays are preferable.
  4. They Use Root Canal Procedures Sparingly
    Similarly, for procedures that require a root canal, a true holistic dentist will recommend other natural steps to be taken, or a healthy tooth removal procedure that avoids complications later on. Root canals are risky. They ruin the tooth step was performed on. Some of the alternatives a true doctor like the Beverly Hills holistic doctor will recommend include herbs and homeopathy.
  5. They Don’t Remove Wisdom Teeth Unnecessarily
    Also, if your wisdom teeth aren’t giving you any problems, no holistic doctor will agree to its removal. They will suggest the tooth remains where it is. This is because pulling out of wisdom teeth is unwarranted and they hardly cause the numbing of the tongue, lips or the cheeks. They also cause no nerve damage.
  6. They Don’t Use Sealants
    Synthetics like BPA disrupt hormones and every true dentist knows that sealants are made of them. A biological doctor, therefore, will avoid this at all costs. If a dentist pulls a fast one on you and suggest a BPA free sealant, be wary. It still contains related chemicals BPS.
  7. They Avoid Crowns
    The drilling practice by many dentists is kept conservative. However, a holistic doctor will ensure that your tooth remains almost as intact as it initially was. For this reason, they will use a non-toxic material to fill it. Considering an inlay is mandatory if the hole is large. This should be used as a last resort in trying to restore your tooth, especially because crowns include the removal of a better part of the tooth.
  8. They Individualize and Test the Fillings Before Treatment
    A truly holistic dentist will individualize treatment and administer blood tests as well as muscle testing to determine the best filling material to be used practically and biologically as well. Dental fillings are case-by-case and it shouldn’t be generalized.
  9. Before and After Invasive Surgery, They Use Fewer Drugs
    Homeopathy drops, acupressure, infrared, or sauna therapy should act as alternatives to painkillers and other pharmaceuticals. Homeopathy should be used before the treatment and if antibiotics can be avoided, a true dentist like our Los Angeles holistic dentist will administer a drinkable Vitamin C, for recovery to be boosted.

There are more natural ways that can be used in holistic dentistry. Call our Beverly Hills dentist office and book a consultation today.

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