It’s Time To Take Advantage Of Your Dental Insurance Before End Of Year
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It’s Time To Take Advantage Of Your Dental Insurance Before End Of Year

You should take advantage of your dental insurance before the end of the year. Do this by scheduling an appointment with Smile Angels of Beverly Hills. Now is the perfect time to see a top Beverly Hills dentist. If you don’t use your insurance, you could potentially lose hundreds of dollars in unused benefits. That being said, here’s a few ways to get the most from your dental insurance before they expire.

Dental Check Up

Many insurance policies covers 1-2 dental check ups per year. If you haven’t been for any dental check ups, use your insurance before the year end. We will perform a thorough examination of your mouth. We check for cavities, early signs of gingivitis and perform teeth cleaning. A teeth cleaning and examination can prevent potential serious issues in the future.

Using insurance now means saving money in the long-run. We’ll catch issues before they become bigger problems. In turn, you won’t need unnecessary treatment in the future.

Urgent Dental Care

If you need urgent dental care, then it’s time to use your dental insurance and see a Beverly Hills Dentist. Smile Angels of Beverly Hills provides emergency dental care. We can provide you with urgent care that can help you avoid acute pain. It doesn’t matter what kind of severe oral condition you’re dealing with, we’re here to help.

We have modern equipment and use up-to-date techniques. If you’re suffering with a dental emergency, then see us right away. How much you’ll pay depends on what kind of policy you have.

Minor & Major Restorative Services

Lots of people reach their deductible on their insurance policy. However, they tend not to use their insurance for minor or major restorative work. Different people do this for different reasons. If you need work done, then use your insurance and contact us today.

A few of the procedures we perform include:

. Root canal- We perform this procedure to treat an infected tooth. It will prevent the infection from spreading to other teeth. Your insurance likely covers some or all of the costs associated with a root canal.

. Porcelain Crowns- For those with damaged teeth, we can help. We offer porcelain dental crowns, which can transform your smile. The crowns look just like real teeth, which means you’ll have a natural looking smile. Not only that, but they function like real teeth. Chewing and swallowing will be easier to do when you have crowns.

. Dental implants- Dental implants can replace a few or many teeth. Your teeth might be damaged or in need of repairs. If so, dental implants are a good option to consider. Once we have performed the procedure, your implants will last for a longtime. In fact, they may last for the rest of your life.

. Fillings- During your check up, we’ll check for cavities. If you have any, we can provide you with fillings. Your teeth will look good as new. More importantly, you’ll reduce the risk of future infection of the affected teeth.

Contact Us Today

We strongly contacting us today, so you can use your insurance. Do not let your insurance run out. After all,. you have been paying for it all this time.

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