Best Teeth whitening & Bleaching deal in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles- $399
Zoom Teeth Whitening Cost

Best Teeth whitening & Bleaching deal in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles- $399

Teeth Bleaching Beverly hills

Teeth whitening in Beverly Hills is a common, reasonably priced and effective way to restore teeth to their original color. Over time teeth become discolored from coffee, nicotine and other food and liquid substances. Enamel is a very strong substance but porous, enabling stains to seep into the teeth. Regular brushing doesn’t remove the stains effectively and even dental cleanings don’t resolve the problem. Dr. Bruce Vafa DDS in the Los Angeles Beverly Hills area is here to help. He offers the best price on Zoom teeth whitening at $399.

Every smile is different and Dr. Vafa believes in having an in depth consultation to discuss your needs and ensuring that you are aware of all options available. Things like receding gums, sensitivity, tooth decay, existing treatments (i.e. fillings, veneers and crowns) will be checked. Also he will evaluate the reasons for staining such as age and diet. It’s recommended to have a regular check up and cleaning to remove any surface stains before teeth whitening. He believes in the importance of listening to his patients concerns, goals and fears. Our office has state of the art technology and luxurious amenities to ensure the patient is comfortable at every appointment. Have a smile that makes you look younger and healthier in no time.

Teeth whitening may not be suitable for everyone. Pregnant women,women who are breastfeeding, adolescents who still have baby teeth and patients with gum disease are normally exempt from the procedure.

Procedure of Teeth Whitening

The procedure is safe and fast. It’s considered the safest cosmetic procedure to be performed in a dentist’s office. There may be slight teeth sensitivity for the first 24 hours but otherwise no negative side effects.

The gel is applied to the teeth and a low heat light causes the gel to enter the enamel, removing any stains and discoloration. This is repeated three times for 15 minutes each during the course of the appointment. It can be finished by a fluoride treatment. When completed the patient’s teeth will be several shades whiter. It’s essential to avoid liquids such as coffee, tea or cola that may stain teeth for the first 48 hours after the procedure. Don’t smoke either. In addition, it’s recommended to rinse with water immediately after consuming any foods that may stain the teeth.

Some patients may want a more gradual teeth whitening experience. Whitening trays are prepared to fit your teeth specifically. This will reduce the level of gum irritation while ensuring the most contact between the whitening solution and the enamel. The patient is given a strong whitening solution including detailed instructions explaining how to achieve their whitening goals. These trays are generally worn for a specific amount of time each day for a certain number of days.

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