What is Anti-Aging Dentistry? What Are the Benefits
anti-aging dentistry

What is Anti-Aging Dentistry? What Are the Benefits

Anti-Aging Dentistry in Los Angeles & Beverly Hills, CA

As people grow older, the years will become clearly reflected in the face. The characteristics of youth slowly disappear. It can be seen in the shape of the face as it loses its fullness, which affects your smile. The reason for some of this change is actually because of changes in your teeth. Anti-aging dentistry aims to help people take off some of those years with dental care. Bruce Vafa DDS. can make your face years younger with a healthy beautiful smile using ani-aging dentistry.

The Effect of Aging on the Face

Aging often causes the jaw to lose some of its fullness. In turn, this causes your face to appear slimmer, and then, when you smile, dark spots will appear on both sides of your teeth. This makes you look older. In addition, teeth will often become shorter as you age. Your teeth can become worn down due to grinding them, and shorter teeth will change your appearance, as well as possibly become painful.

Another issue that aging brings with it is that your smile changes as your mouth changes. There will be more wrinkles and your smile may not be as even as it was before, causing you to look less happy. Your face and smile may also become distorted and uneven as your lips begin to sag. Your teeth may also become discolored.

Removing Aging Through Dentistry

What may surprise many people is that many of these effects can be removed without having any surgery. Instead, by working on the teeth and building them up again, it can restore much of your previous and more youthful appearance.

Teeth can be restored via anti-aging dentistry to their original size and enhanced and built up through veneers. Gaps can be closed and teeth made whiter. Crowns can be added to make them longer. Adding just a small crown can begin to make a noticeable difference in removing some of the effects of aging.

Repairing the Teeth

In many cases, teeth have become damaged over the years. There may be cavities, chips missing, discoloration, they may be uneven, and more. By repairing the teeth, and first fixing the teeth by filling cavities, the dentist can then start building them up so that they are even and beautiful.

Determining the Need

Depending on the particular problems you may be facing at the time, the dentist will determine how it can best be corrected using anti-aging dental treatments. Whether it is wrinkles around the mouth, or a smile that is now naturally sagging, lips that are shrinking, etc., the dentists will first make an evaluation. Once this is completed, and some tests given, such as x-rays and an evaluation of the structure of your mouth, the dentists will lay out a plan for you. Treatments for your smile makeover will be selected that will help restore your face to a more youthful appearance.

A Proven Method for Anti-Aging Dentistry in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills

Anti-aging dentistry has been helping people to return to a more youthful appearance for years. The technology is getting better, but the effects have to be seen to be believed. This non-surgical approach only takes a few visits to complete, and it is much less expensive than a face lift. Before and after pictures are available at the office of the best dentist in Los Angeles, Bruce Vafa DDS.

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