What is the Best Teeth Whitening Method?
zom teeth whitening

What is the Best Teeth Whitening Method?

Are you looking for zoom teeth whitening in Los Angeles area? If your teeth have become dull and yellow over the years, you can know that they can be made to look white and fresh again. Teeth whitening systems have gotten even better, and now you can obtain white teeth that will stay white for years with the Zoom Teeth Whitening Method, making your teeth look like one of the movie star’s in your neighborhood.

Causes of Yellow Teeth

Teeth can become yellow at different ages. It is not limited to those who are older, but younger people can also experience teeth that are no longer pleasant in color. Things that will typically cause yellowing of teeth include:zoom teeth whitening Los Angeles

  • Smoking
  • Medications
  • Genetics
  • Wine
  • Caffeine
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Aging

Teeth Whitening Systems

There have been various ways to get teeth white again for some time. Methods have included tools such as strips, paint on gel, toothpaste, trays, and more. While each of these methods has had some degree of success, it has been limited.

The success seen comes from the fact that each of them will lighten the shades of your teeth. Some will get results of whitening your teeth one or two shades lighter, and others may get them even six shades lighter. This effect came after treating the teeth from a minimum of seven days to more than a month.

These methods may also produce only limited results in other ways too. For instance, some of them will only eliminate superficial stains, or the whiteness you have gained may be lost if you stop using a particular product. Another problem sometimes occurring is that the whiteness is inconsistent, leaving undesirable results.

The Zoom Method Does More

The average patient using the Zoom method is able to get an average of eight shades lighter! It is an incredibly powerful solution to whiten teeth that have long lost their luster and appeal.

The Zoom method of teeth whitening uses peroxides. These chemicals can destroy the chemicals in your teeth that are producing the yellowing, and they can do it without harming your teeth. Once the chemicals causing the yellow color are destroyed, your teeth will no longer appear yellow.

The Zoom Method Is Long Lasting

After the treatment, the teeth will normally stay white for a long time. However, if the proper care of your teeth is not given to maintain the teeth, the discoloration may return. Ordinarily, though, it will last a long time – longer than many other methods.

Two Zoom Methods Are Available

The Zoom teeth whitening system is available in two different forms. There is an in-office system which uses a special light to activate the chemicals used, and there is an at-home version. The in-office version can produce results in less than an hour.

Prior to applying the Zoom method, any cavities that you have will need to be filled. Also, in extreme yellowing situations, other methods may be a preferable option, such as veneers.

The Zoom Method of whitening your teeth is only available from your local dentist. If you live in or near Beverly Hills, you can obtain the fresh white teeth you want, taking advantage of $399 deal at our Beverly Hills dental office. Call now for our special prices on our Zoom teeth whitening treatments.

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