Best Places for Teeth Whitening in Los Angeles
Zoom Teeth Whitening Cost

Best Places for Teeth Whitening in Los Angeles

After years of routine visits to your favorite coffee shop and the break room at work, the effects are starting to show on your teeth. You want to start looking into places that offer teeth whitening in Los Angeles, but you find so many different techniques offered at so many different places. Before making your choice, you should familiarize yourself with the different procedures such as Zoom teeth whitening in Los Angeles and which place offers the teeth whitening in Los Angeles that you need.

What Caused the Stains?

Over time, the enamel that covers the surface of your teeth can become discolored from everyday activities that we don’t even think about. Coffee, tea, wine, and even your favorite marinara sauce can cause your teeth to take on stains. If you don’t pay enough attention to your brushing and flossing routine, the stains can set in and even penetrate the enamel to stain the dentin. That is when it is time to seek teeth whitening in Los Angeles.

What is Teeth Whitening in Los Angeles?

When looking for a dentist to do your Zoom teeth whitening in Los Angeles, look for one that offers a consultation. This important process will allow you and your doctor to decide which system is right for you.
Over-the-counter whitening systems may not be the answer. They can contain harsh chemicals that can actually weaken the enamel instead of helping it look better. If this happens, stains can become worse. It is best to find professional teeth whitening in Los Angeles.
Traditional whitening involves a course of a prescription whitening gel placed in trays. Your gums are first prepped to prevent irritation from the gel, then the trays are placed on the teeth for at least an hour. In this time your doctor will be monitoring your progress to be sure there is no discomfort. These teeth whitening in Los Angeles methods require at least two to three visits to reach the level of whiteness you desire.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Los Angeles

The Zoom whitening process is growing in popularity. As the name indicates, it is a much quicker method of teeth whitening. Dentists that offer Zoom teeth whitening in Los Angeles use a 25% hydrogen peroxide solution and a special light to activate it.
First, the doctor may clean your teeth to remove any residual plaque that may interfere with the whitening process. After your teeth are ready, a protective material to your gums, inner, and outer lip surfaces to protect them from irritation from the whitening solution and heat from the light.
Next, the hydrogen peroxide solution is applied. The light is then directed at the solution to activate it and break up the stains. This takes about 15 minutes, then you will be given a fluoride rinse and the process is repeated. You will need two to three applications to reach the highest level of whiteness.
When getting Zoom teeth whitening in Los Angeles, you can plan on about an hour of treatment time and only one visit. You will also receive a kit to follow up at home.

With prices of Zoom teeth whitening in Los Angeles ranging from $500.00 and up, you will be thrilled when you find Smile Angels. At Smile Angels of Beverly Hills Zoom teeth whitening cost is only $399.00. We offer a consultation to help you determine if Zoom teeth whitening of Los Angeles is right for you. We will then design a plan tailored specifically to you and your needs. Call today to set up your appointment and reach your brightest level of white.

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