How Teeth Whitening Work
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How Teeth Whitening Work

Teeth whitening has been very popular among Los Angeles residents. There are several teeth whitening methods to whiten your teeth. Each method has its own pros and cons. You can use whitening toothpaste for your Beverly Hills teeth whitening or visit the dentist’s office. At the dental clinic, a doctor will utilize light-activated whitening. If you choose the dentist carefully, you can get a $399 teeth whitening deal in Los Angeles.

All Teeth Whitening Works in Two Ways:


The first teeth whitening methods is bleaching. During this procedure, Dr. Vafa will change the whiteness of your teeth  about seven shades brighter. He uses carbamide peroxide which is the active ingredient for the bleaching procedure. Alternatively, Dr. Vafa may use hydrogen peroxide. The concentration is usually 10-22%. The aim is to get rid of surface and deep stains. The costs differ greatly depending on the type of bleaching you choose.

A bleaching session at the dentist’s office can cost up to $500. However, that cost can be significantly lower if you take time to pick the right dentist. For example, at Smile Angels of Beverly Hills, teeth whitening is only $399. The results are usually instantaneous and lead to white teeth. However, staining will return after a year or so of taking coffee and healthy eating and drinking. If you want to have the teeth bleached again, you will have to pay the same cost as before.

Sometimes the doctor can create a custom mouthpiece for you to bleach at home. The cost of this procedure is a bit lower compared to chairside bleaching. However, you will need to wear this mouthpiece for a few hours a day and all night for about two weeks. If new staining begins to appear on your teeth, you will only need to wear it again for about two days.

In addition, there are also over the counter solutions to teeth whitening. Some of the most common ones found in drug stores include boil and bite tray applicators, whitening gels, and whitening strips. The prices of these products are between $10 and $45.


‘The other non-bleaching procedure to whitening teeth is by chemical and physical action to remove stains. All toothpaste contains a mild abrasive to get rid of surface stains as you wait for your next dental visit. For whitening toothpaste, they include a unique polishing agent or chemical that boosts the stain removal. Additionally, when you visit the dentist for a professional cleaning, an abrasion or polishing agent will be used to remove stains.

Every whitening product affects everyone differently. For some people, the response is quite exceptional. However, in some people with gray teeth or significant staining, porcelain veneers may be required to achieve a pleasant smile. Only a dentist can help you know which option you need.

Teeth Sensitivity after Teeth Whitening

Sometimes after your teeth whitening treatment, your teeth might be quite sensitive. If this occurs, you are not helpless; there are a few ways, which you can deal with the issue.

The first thing you should do is use teeth sensitivity toothpaste, such as SENSODYNE®. These toothpastes can help with the sensitivity and to relieve pain. It contains products such as potassium nitrate, which help to relieve pain. However, it is still able to clean teeth the same as usual toothpaste.

Chewing some gum is another practical solution to sensitive teeth. When you chew gum, there is more saliva in the mouth. This saliva can help to quell some of the sensitivity in the mouth. Besides that, when you chew gum, it will help you to be distracted form just how sensitive the teeth have become. The good thing today is that they are all manner of gum and some of them are sugar-free.

Thirdly, do not whiten the teeth at all. If you have an upcoming teeth whitening appointment, give it a rest for a while. Sometimes, all your teeth need is a break for them to recover. It will provide the nerves with the time to get used to this new sensation. You should also ensure that professionals do the whitening.

If you think your teeth are stained and you need to whiten them, get in touch with our Beverly Hills dental office today for a consultation. We can help you choose the best solution to give you that perfect white smile. Dr. Vafa is here to help you learn more about how teeth whitening work.

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