What is the easiest way to straighten my teeth?
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What is the easiest way to straighten my teeth?

Looking for an easy method of straightening your misaligned or crooked teeth? Orthodontic treatment might be the most appropriate approach to make your teeth straight and have that beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Depending on your status, there are various orthodontic treatment alternatives that you might select from.

Some of the common alternatives are braces, also known as metal brackets. In terms of price, braces are a fairly cheap treatment method for teeth straightening.

While this is considered the fastest and easiest way for teeth straightening, it can take longer than most people intend. Additionally, other teeth straightening alternatives will offer a quick and affordable way of straightening crooked teeth.

Who Is Eligible?

People with the following conditions might require orthodontic treatment.

  • Crossbite
  • An uneven bite
  • An overbite
  • Unnecessary teeth gaps
  • Irregular teeth
  • An open edge
  • Misaligned or crooked teeth

Additionally, those with all their permanent teeth and a strong bone structure are eligible for orthodontic treatment. Your dentist will assess your teeth to see if you are eligible for orthodontics. The assessment process includes considering your overall teeth health, mouth, and facial functions while taking impressions or pictures of your mouth and face.

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Suppose you have tooth misalignment or malocclusion. Conventional metal braces are the most suitable and affordable way of correcting the overbites, aligning crooked teeth, underbite, and misalignment.

How to Make My Teeth Straight

Generally, there are various possible faster and affordable ways for teeth straightening apart from traditional metal braces. These options are available for both teens and adults. At Smile Angels of Beverly Hills, Dr. Bruce Vafa DDS. has experience in straightening crooked teeth and orthodontic treatment.

Are you wondering how to straighten my teeth? Or how do I straighten my front teeth? Dr. Bruce Vafa DDS. will help you choose the best option for braces depending on your teeth condition. Below are some easy ways that will help you straighten your teeth:


These are thin tooth-like shells, usually fitted to your front teeth surface to help you mend your appearance. Generally, veneers are not used to correct teeth gaps, tooth misalignment, uneven teeth, and irregular teeth but hide them.

Six Month Smiles Device

This method is similar to metal braces; however, it uses a clearer brace with a teeth-colored wire track. Six Month Smiles devices will successfully straighten your crooked teeth within six months.


Also known as the invisible aligners, which are among the most affordable ways of teeth straightening. It is a removable and custom-made aligner that works quickly and effectively to make your teeth straight.

Benefits of Invisalign

Some of the benefits of Invisalign include:

  • Invisalign provides a faster and an easy way for teeth straightening without the use of metal brackets.
  • Invisalign employs a sequence of clear plastic trays to straighten your teeth systematically.
  • The Invisalign device is particularly made for your teeth condition
  • Invisalign is one of the most comfortable ways to straighten your teeth; however, you will have to wear them for about 20 to 22 hours in a day for best results. However, they are easily available as you have your favorite meals or when you want to brush your teeth.
  • With Invisalign, you will have to see your specialist after few weeks to get the subsequent aligners set.
  • It takes quite a short time to straighten your teeth when you use Invisalign treatment. Based on your dental condition, your treatment may take six to 24 months. However, the Invisalign typical treatment period is within one year. To prevent your teeth from swinging all over again and help you preserve your newly gained smile, ensure you have your retainers on during the night.
  • Additionally, the Invisalign cost in Los Angeles is much affordable

If you are cool with metal braces, it is one the most effective teeth-straightening ways, although it has a less pleasing appearance.

At Smile Angels of Beverly Hills, we provide free Invisalign consultation; contact us today and schedule your appointment. Kindly visit us today for assistance or to learn more about the best Invisalign cost in Los Angeles.

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