What is Dentin Grinder and It’s Benefits in Dentistry
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What is Dentin Grinder and It’s Benefits in Dentistry

A large percentage of adults have lost one or more of their permanent teeth. This can be due to the wear and tear of their teeth.

There have been many remedies that have been applied. From artificial plastics on top of your mouth to messy adhesives, they never please the patient.

Providing long-term solutions has been crucial. Having dental implants is the best alternative. They can be replacing missing teeth or unhealthy teeth. This is possible using a dental grinder. You can find out more about them on the Smiles Angels of Beverly Hills website.

They are also useful when improving the look of your tooth. The procedure is also very cost-friendly and can last you for a very long time. This is with regular brushing and flossing of your teeth.

What is Grafting?

These are procedures aimed at retrieving a patient’s bone to its original state. This revolves around the teeth. They are brought about by teeth loss, gum diseases, or extraction.

Grafting utilizes harvested bones or bone substitutes. These residues are placed in the jaw or regenerate the bone tissue.

Common Types of Graft Materials

  • Allograft – This is graft from the human bone
  • Xenograft – This is a graft from another species’ bone, might be a cow or a goat.
  • Autogenous – This is a graft from the patient’s bone.
  • Dentin graft – This is an autogenous graft derived from the patient’s teeth.

Dentin graft is better than allograft. This is because of its nature. It is autologous and has the same protein response. This, in turn, quickens the healing process and makes it ready for restoration.

An important reason is that it promotes bone regeneration. This means that you will experience very minimal graft resorption if there is any.

What is a Dentin Grinder?

This is a tool used to grind extracted teeth. They are ground into autogenous grafts. They are of the best standard since they are from a patient’s own body.

Usage of another graft is not advised. This is to prevent having two incisions and more risk of infection. The grinder helps the dentist to create an autogenous grafting material. This is out of your teeth. You grind the whole tooth.

The volume of the particulate produced by the grinder is large. An estimate could be about three times the size of the original tooth. Most of the dentin grinder come already equipped with a sterilization kit.

This is a very crucial resource. Dentists sterilize the dentin grinder before the grafting procedure. This reduces the rate of infection. It also improves the possible outcomes of the procedure. This results in the satisfaction of the patient.

Using a smart dentin grinder, the extracted teeth are transformed into bacteria-free granules. At this point, they are ready for immediate grafting. Most of the extracted teeth carry bacterial plaques. This is a clinical waste and is most of the time disposed of.

With a dentin grinder, you can convert extracted teeth into an autogenous graft. With excellent bone quality, it delivers predictable bone remodeling. It also enhances implant stability while reducing graft cost.

You can use a disposable chamber for more than one tooth. This is as long as the tooth comes from the same patient. If it comes from different people, then the graft would be non-autogenous. You can get your teeth extracted at Smile Angels of Beverly hills.

Benefits of a Dentin Grinder

In the United States alone, almost 20 million people have their teeth extracted each day. Dentin particles have a huge advantage. They don’t have cells, thus a mineralized matrix. The matrix maintains its stability. It allows for early loading. This after grafting.

The whole procedure is easy and fast. You will have very minimal dental visits. No secondary procedure will be necessary as the healing is quite fast.

There is less risk of disease transmission. The graft is from the patient’s bone. This reduces the chances of transmitting a disease or infection.

Dentin grinder has the best autograft. They are very appropriate for filling sockets after tooth extractions. It is for filling the bone defects. It’s also essential in the augmentation of the jawbone.

The autograft can come in handy during the support of the implants. This can be in vast cases. They can include sinus lifting or the support of dental implants. Ridge preservation and a ridge augmentation can also be such a case.

The chemical composition of dentin is like that of a human bone. Dentin has a slight advantage since it is more solid. This means that it provides better stability.

While using a dentin bone graft, the alveolar ridge is absorbed slowly. This means that the ridge can last you for a very long time. It can range up to six years for your next remodeling.

Obtaining the particulate from the dentin grinder is helpful. It means that you do not need a separate surgery. This, in turn, simplifies the treatment process.

The overhead cost is also reduced. This is especially if the extraction takes place at Smile Angels of Beverly hills. This means that the patient will have a shorter recovery time, and he/she is saved from unnecessary pain.

The volume obtained from the dentin grinder is more than the original volume of the tooth. This means the particulate can fill the tooth in excess after extraction. Filling an extra socket of the same size as possible.

The dentin particulate can be dried. The granules must be sealed and stored very well, at room temperature. This is to enable them to last for a long period. They can be stored for years. This means that they’ll maintain their quality when needed by a patient during treatment.

With the dentin grinder, you can get tiny granules. This means that bone remodeling is simpler due to ease of fit. There is immediate stabilization and very little recession if needed.

With the dentin grinder, there is fast bone healing. The restoration rate will be much higher in comparison to non-autologous grafts.

Using a dentin grinder has a benefit in that it is easier to explain to the patient. This means that you would better comprehend the procedure. This avoids any future confrontations. It also maximizes patient experience by eliminating the fear of injection and rejection.

The cost is also cut down. This is because it is way cheaper to use a dental grinder compared to other non-autologous grafts available.

Dentin does not resorb. Resorption refers to the process where a part of your body absorbs another part. The bone fuses it.

All the other non-autologous grafts do not get together. They will resorb on their own to the bone. This creates a problem since they need to both resorb as well as regenerate a new bone.

Dentin grinders enable the patient to use the particulate from their teeth. This eliminates the need for using an animal or a human bone.


Clean Debris

You can use a tungsten bur to clean the tooth remains. The remains may include artificial materials, cavities, and debris from the extracted teeth.

Dry the Tooth

You then dry the tooth. This can be with an air syringe. It reduces the amount of graft lost during the grinding and sorting process.

Place the Grinding Chamber

You place the chamber on top of the dentin grinder. Make sure you align the arrow on the chamber to the one on the center of the grinder.

You have to rotate the chamber in an anti-clockwise position until it locks in position. The chamber has a lock indicator. When locked, the indicator shifts to the right and adjacent to the arrow of the grinder.

Grind and Sort

You then switch on the grinder. Place the prepared tooth on the grinding sieve. The sieves are next to the blades. You close the chamber cap until it clicks into place.

There’s a grind button which you press. You also have to set the sorting time. You should most preferably set it to 20 seconds. You then start the grinding process. Make sure no dentin residues are in the grinding chamber.

Extract Graft

After the grinding process, the top-drawer compartment will have the particles. They are between 300 and 1200 microns.

Apply Cleanser

You then pour the contents on a dish. You then pour the provided cleanser onto the same dish. The cleanser in use is a sodium hydroxide solution. It is already mixed in 20% ethanol. You then close the dish cap and turn it in a clockwise direction.

You then leave it for about 10 minutes at room temperature. You then pour PBS onto the same dish. You then shake gently and leave it for roughly 3 minutes. The particulate would be ready for use.

Place the Graft

Place the wet dentin graft in the site. You can use it as any other graft.

You can always call the office or check out Smile Angels of Beverly Hills. They one of the best consultancies and services at the most cost-effective prices. Remember, a healthy smile is a beautiful smile.

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