Dental bridge cost break down, procedure and problems
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Dental bridge cost break down, procedure and problems

We at Smile Angels of Beverly Hills understand you most likely have a lot of questions regarding dental bridges and the associated cost. This includes how much does a dental bridge cost with insurance, how much does a fixed dental bridge cost, how much does a traditional dental bridge cost in Los Angles, full mouth dental bridge cost, dental bridge cost in USA, how much does a dental bridge cost in Los Angeles, how much does a dental bridge cost for 1 tooth, how much does a dental bridge cost for 2 teeth, how much does a 3 tooth dental bridge cost, how much does a dental bridge cost for 4 teeth, how much does a dental bridge cost in California, partial dental bridge cost and how much does a single dental bridge cost?

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is simply a bridge used for your teeth. This fills in gaps left by any missing teeth. The anchors for your bridge are the two teeth next to your missing tooth. The gap is filled by the false tooth on your bridge. The type of bridge you need depends on the number of teeth you are missing, they type of bridge you need and the location of your missing teeth.

Types of Dental Bridges

We at Smile Angels of Beverly Hills offer several different types of dental bridges. This includes:

Traditional Dental Bridge

Bruce Vafa DDS. considers this type to be traditional because it is used the most frequently. The pontics or false teeth are attached then secured by abutments or dental crowns. This is then cemented onto your surrounding teeth. As long as you have natural teeth on both sides of your missing teeth, this can be used throughout your mouth. This includes missing molars. In Beverly Hills, we can provide up to a six-unit dental bridge. The downside is the enamel from your teeth must be removed by Dr. Vafa prior to putting on crowns. These crowns are permanent because your enamel will not grow back.

Cantilever Dental Bridge

We at Smile Angels of Beverly Hills can use a cantilever bridge when you are only missing one tooth. This is just like a traditional bridge, except Bruce Vafa DDS. only has to support one tooth. This can result in your crown becoming loose or a fractured tooth.

Maryland Dental Bridge

This is when Dr. Vafa uses a porcelain or metal frame in front of your adjacent teeth attached with one to two wings. We offer this bridge due to the benefits. If you are wondering how much does a traditional dental bridge cost in Los Angles, this is a low-risk, conservative option for replacement due to the composite resin Bruce Vafa DDS. attaches to your teeth. We can make this permanent and realistic for all of our patients in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Matching your false tooth to the space remaining from your missing tooth can be difficult.

During your fitting, Bruce Vafa DDS. may have to cut down your surrounding teeth. As to how much does a dental bridge usually cost, this kind of bridge is the most expensive. We at Smile Angels of Beverly Hills have seen recent improvements in adhesive dentistry. Unfortunately, this bridge can come loose while you are chewing. This is why we only use a Maryland dental bridge for the replacement of anterior teeth.

Implant-Supported Bridges

If you have lost a row of teeth, we can use an implant-supported bridge. This is also an excellent option if your missing teeth are not in the same area. Bruce Vafa DDS. uses dental implants to secure this bridge. Dr. Vafa generally uses one implant per missing with the implants attached to the bridge. If you are concerned as to how much does a dental implant bridge cost, we at Smile Angels of Beverly Hills can secure your replacement with only two crowns supported by implants to make the procedure more affordable. The bridge cost without dental insurance will be higher.

The Procedure for Dental Bridges

Once you have consulted with Bruce Vafa DDS. and have agreed on a dental bridge, we will schedule your first appointment. This is when your abutment teeth will be prepared by Dr. Vafa. To ensure there is enough room for your crowns, we will need to remove some enamel on your adjacent teeth. Dr. Vafa will create an impression of your teeth. This is necessary to make your crowns, fake teeth and bridge. We generally use metal, ceramic or porcelain. You will not receive your replacement the same day since your bridge will probably be made through a dental lab.

Bruce Vafa DDS will make you a temporary bridge. This will protect any exposed teeth while providing you with teeth until your bridge is ready. During your second visit, we at Smile Angels of Beverly Hills will remove your temporary dental bridge for the insertion of your permanent bridge. Dr. Vafa will ensure a proper fit. We will make adjustments whenever necessary. To make certain your fit is comfortable and secure, you may need to make a few trips from Los Angeles or Beverly Hills to our office.

The Cost Of A Dental Bridge

The question of how much does a full dental bridge cost is dependent on your type of insurance and if they cover the procedure. The average cost for your new bridge is generally between $500 and $1,200. This includes your pontics and abutments. Dental bridge cost break down depends on numerous factors including:

  • The materials
  • They type of bridge
  • Whether we make your bridge at our office or in a dental lab
  • What your insurance plan covers

These factors can change the:

  • The permanent dental bridge cost
  • Cost to replace a dental bridge
  • The temporary dental bridge cost
  • Cost to repair a dental bridge

The best way for you to determine how much does a dental bridge cost is by talking to your insurance company and Bruce Vafa DDS. to learn the actual cost and what is covered. The best answer to how much does a bridge cost is $500 to $1,200. Your expense can also exceed $1,200.

Dental Bridges FAQs

Dental bridge life expectancy and care

We at Smile Angels of Beverly Hills estimate your bridge will last between five and fifteen years. This depends on the adaption and reaction of your body.

You can have your bridge repaired by bringing it to Bruce Vafa DDS.

Clean your bridge just like you would your natural teeth including flossing and brushing. You need to use either an oral irrigation device or a denture brush to clean beneath the false tooth.

Is getting a dental bridge painful?

You will experience some pain when getting a bridge. Bruce Vafa DDS. will use anesthesia, but you may feel some jaw and tooth pain after your procedure. You may also remain comfortable because every patient reacts differently.


Your bridge will be made using acrylic or porcelain. Your metal framework will probably be metal.

The length of time necessary to make your dental bridge depends on whether we can make it in our office or send it out to a dental lab.

The Most Common Issues with Dental Bridges


If you are experiencing pain, call us at Smile Angels of Beverly Hills for an appointment. Bruce Vafa DDS. will be able to determine why your bridge is causing you pain and how to fix the issue. Prior to your appointment, you can help alleviate your discomfort with denture pain cream.

Loose Dental Bridge

Your dental bridge has become loose if your bridge moves when you touch it, you are experiencing problems with your bite or your gums or teeth have become extremely sensitive. You will need to make an appointment with Dr. Vafa.

A Bad Taste

If you have developed a bad taste inside of your mouth, this is usually caused by tooth decay or food trapped by your bridge. We at Smile Angels of Beverly Hills will be happy to make an appointment for you to see Bruce Vafa DDS.

Fixing Your Bridge

If you feel comfortable making repairs to your dental bridge prior to seeing Dr. Vafa, there are steps you can take. Visit your local pharmacy to purchase dental cement. You will then need to clean the inside of your dental bridge. Next, dry both your bridge and gums. It is very important to follow the instruction that came with your dental cement because there are variations in the instructions for different brands. Once your repair is complete, remove any extra cement before it has a chance to harden.

Your Bridge Fell Out

You need to call us at Smile Angels of Beverly Hills immediately because Dr. Vafa may want you to come to our office. There are steps you can take prior to your appointment. Remove all debris around your crown and teeth. Test your crown by placing it over your tooth. Close your teeth to ensure the fit is correct without applying any pressure. Remove your crown and partially fill it using denture adhesive. Place the crown on your tooth. Ensure a proper fit using the same method. Wipe off any excess adhesive.

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