What are Fixed Partial Dentures
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What are Fixed Partial Dentures

There is a dental procedure gaining in popularity, you may find yourself wondering what are fixed partial dentures? Anyone with teeth should pay attention. The beautiful smile on that attractive stranger might be a partial tooth. If you say wha is partial tooth, you need to see a dentist.

The definition of Fixed Partial Dentures or the fpd meaning in dentistry is a prosthetic denture restoration. They are a dental apparatus anchored permanently in the mouth. Dr. Vafa will attach the denture to teeth roots, dental implants or natural teeth. They stay permanently in the patient’s mouth. The purpose of fixed dental partials is to fill in gaps caused by one or more missing teeth. The common term is a bridge because the apparatus functions as a bridge would. Dr. Vafa creates a bridge between the spaces of the missing teeth.

Fixed Partial Dentures Los Angeles

In addition, these dentures are not experimental. In recent years, they have been implanted in senior citizen and dental patients of different ages, across the country. It is more than a cosmetic procedure that brings our clients from Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. A beautiful smile is a sign of overall good health. These new dentures provide actual health benefits for our patients. Issues with digestion can be improved by greater chewing ability with the dentures. Having fixed dental partials may also be able to correct dental overbites and crooked teeth. The balance between luxury and necessity is weighing the health benefits and confidence builder of different types of fixed partial dentures. Here’s more on the fpd meaning in dentistry.

FPD Meaning in Dentistry

Fixed Partial Dentures are not removable by patients, To understand the impact, consider the advantages to the patient. Create a healthy, beautiful smile. No more slipping teeth. No more teeth in a cup overnight. Patients enjoy the advanced performance of permanent teeth. Our patients in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills like the enhanced convenience and comfort of these beautiful dentures. For current denture wearers, this advancement in dental apparatus is the ideal full dentures solution. By choosing these permanent dentures, the patient can do more than restore their attractive appearance.

The patient will find freedom. A beautiful smile without the hassle. Eliminate the struggle and the embarrassment of removable dentures. Old denture partials can be awkward and bulky. It requires practice and some pain to learn how to insert and remove those partial dentures properly. No more of that! Contact our office for a consultation. We can answer all of your questions. There is no better time than right now. The condition of your teeth will not get better until you take the first step. What do you have to lose? That problem with your confidence in your smile, is what.

What are my choices?

There are different types of fixed partial dentures. Each type has a different name, depending on the materials Dr. Vafa uses to create the denture and to implant the the bridge. This is a list of the most common names associated with these amazing dentures.

Maryland Bridge

This fixed denture procedure, called the Maryland Bridge is composed by grinding ceramic tooth materials together, which are fused onto a ceramic or metal plate. Dr. Vafa builds the dental prosthetic containing retaining rings which adhere the apparatus permanently to the back of the patient’s two adjacent teeth. This Maryland bridge procedure is ideal for replacement of a single tooth. It is considered to be minimally invasive and the expense is very economical.

Cantilever Bridge.

Composition of a Cantilever Bridge requires similar composition materials and the procedure mirrors that of the Maryland Bridge, mentioned before. Whereas there are two teeth supporting the bridge in the Maryland procedure, the Cantilever Bridge is supported by only one tooth. This fpd dental is necessary when only one tooth is available for anchor next to the missing teeth. The Cantilever Bridge is ordinarily done in the front teeth area or areas of the mouth that receive minimal stress. If you need adjustments, it may increase the cost.

Pier Abutment.

Dr. Vafa may use the Pier Abutment procedure in more difficult cases. This process is best applied when the patient has several missing teeth. The Pier Abutment connects false teeth with a spanner cross either side of the existing teeth. This bridge is made of a variety of materials Strong construction is required for dental implants in cases where there is very minimal tooth which can serve as anchor for the bridge.

FPD Dental

Approximately half of the senior adult population of the United States wears dentures. However, there is a considerable amount of younger patients. too.Conditions due to accidental loss of teeth are common. With age, tooth decay, bacterial infections and gum diseases are often to blame. The cost of the dental treatment in our Beverly Hills office varies depending on the oral condition of the individual patients. Many senior citizens and quite a few young adults come to our Beverly Hills office.

Those who suffer from tooth loss due to any variety of factors should call us for our consultation. Consider how fixed partial dentures could work for you. It is a very smart investment in your health and your appearance. You may wonder, wha is partial tooth? Will you will need full dentures, partial bridges for teeth or dentures of back teeth? How long will it take? Does it really work? Call our office in Beverly Hills to schedule a consultation. Our professional staff is ready to answer your questions and serve your needs.

Success with Fixed Partial Dentures

There are many advantages to the patient for having Fixed Partial Dentures. Aside from adding an attractive appearance, fixed partial dentures also help to improve the chewing and speech ability of the patients who have them. You can boost self esteem and improve confidence with a beautiful smile.

Fixed partial dentures help correct altered bites, too. Fixed partial dentures may also help to protect your youthful appearance. The support of the apparatus against your mouth, can delay or prevent increased age lines and wrinkles. These signs of aging typically occur with time as facial structures begin to fall. As a hidden benefit, fixed partial dentures add support. Contact our office in Beverly Hills to learn more about success with fixed partial dentures.

How long Fixed Partial Dentures Last?

Our studies show, with a regular regimen of proper care and hygienic maintenance, you may expect fixed partial dentures to last for 8 to 10 years and sometimes longer.

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Fixed Partial Dentures Failure

There are some disadvantages with having fixed partial dentures. One of the common causes for Fixed Partial Dentures failure is poor dental hygiene. Most complaints associated with fixed partial dentures result from patient care and maintenance. Some patients find it difficult to clean bridges properly. This can result in bad breath, oral problems and gum inflammation. in Addition, flossing is important to reach food particles. Moreover, Bruce Vafa DDS at our Los Angeles office can suggest products for improved oral hygiene with the fixed partial dentures. Just like brushing your teeth everyday, a consistent regimen of cleaning for full dentures is required.

Maintenance includes regular visits to your dentist for professional cleaning. Stay in contact your dental team at least every six months. Schedule regular dental appointments. It will make all the difference. Our dentist at our Los Angeles office can evaluate the condition of your Fixed Partial Dentures and suggest a care routine. It is important to take care of your natural teeth to avoid their failure. Maintain the condition of the fixed partial dentures for the same reason.

With proper care and regular maintenance, you’re fixed partial dentures will not fail you. They last from 8 to 10 years, sometimes longer. Regular brushing, flossing and dental visits to control plaque and food buildup will make a difference. Just as good dental hygiene is important with your natural teeth oh, it is important with fixed partial dentures.

Cost of fixed partial dentures

The cost of fixed partial dentures will vary with the needs of the patient. Advanced clinical research makes the cost of Fixed Partial Dentures reasonable for more patients. Our full list of dental services include dental implants, dentures of back teeth, partial bridges for teeth, full dentures, immediate dental implants, dental bridges and full mouth reconstruction. To learn more about the advantages of fixed partial dentures and for more information about specialized holistic dental procedures, contact our Los Angeles office.

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Although Medicare will not cover the cost of most fixed partial dentures, the cost for our services is generally very affordable. Our representatives can go over your care plan and discuss payment options. The investment in your appearance will more return in confidence and better health, than you could imagine. We have a variety of payment plans to suit various financial situations.

In Conclusion, your first step is to contact our office to speak with a knowledgeable representative about your free dentures consultation. Learn your options. It only takes a few minutes to get the facts. Get started on your beautiful smile today.

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