Complete Guide to Color Braces in Los Angeles, CA 
Color Braces Los Angeles

Complete Guide to Color Braces in Los Angeles, CA 

Are you looking for different color braces and ideas? Los Angeles residents love color braces! Braces offer that dental magic to those who did not get the perfect set of teeth at birth. For those straight teeth, color braces are a fun way to mix up your smile style. In fact, color braces are trending all over the world as people get creative with different color bands and styles to wear those bands. However, if you have never heard of or seen color braces, then you may not have seen the new fashionable way to style your smile.

What are Colored Braces

Regular braces are typically invisible or white. Color braces can be any number of colors. Braces have different parts, including brackets, metal bands, elastics, or bands made of rubber. These bands wrap around each bracket.

However, some people also choose ceramic braces that do not show off braces at all. There are also other ways to hide braces like Invisalign. This will keep your dental treatment on a low-profile.

However, if you want to embrace color braces, then you can change the color of the bands around your brackets and wires. These tiny little bands allow you to colorize your mouth in all sorts of ways. Most doctors have a typical set of red, green, and blue bands, but you can also find pink, mint, purple, hot pink, and other colors. Your orthodontist may even give you a color wheel to choose from and then test out your look virtually at first so you can see what it will look to have color braces.

How to Choose the Color of Your Braces

Picking a brace color really depends on your personality. After all, you are the one picking the style of your smile. However, there are some things to keep in mind when selecting a color.

Silver Brackets and Wires
Much of your braces will be silver in color. In some cases, you may choose ceramic braces which tend to be white or invisible. While there is a bit of debate around what wires look best, many opt for white or invisible braces to go with color bands so that the colors stand out more.

Types of Colors
Orthodontists typically have a set of colors that may come with a color wheel. You can use a braces color picker online to see what you will look like with different colors as well. If you want custom brace rubber bands, ther eare some sites that allow you to customize rubber bands for braces.

Right Size
If you do decide to go with a custom pattern or color, you should make sure that the brace bands are the right size for your braces. You can check with your orthodontist beforehand to make sure you are purchasing the right product.

Braces Color Ideas

There are a few different patterns and colors that work best.

Sports Team Colors
Got a sports team you love or just want to support your school’s stripes? If you have a favorite team, you can re-create the colors with your brace bands.

Pastels like blue, pink, and purple are perfect options for those who want a soft but bright smile.

All for One
Perhaps your favorite color is pink or blue or orange. You can style your braces in one color for every band to show unity.

Rainbow Effect
You can talk to your dentist about giving your mouth a bright, colorful look in every shade there is.

If you are getting your top and bottom teeth wired, then you can do different colors for top and another set for the bottom. You can trade off for a favorite sports team or just pick two colors you really love like pink and purple or blue and orange.

Colors to Avoid
In general, dark colors will stand out more, so it is very rare to find dark blue, black, and dark purple colors. There are also colors that may not match your skin tone. For instance, you may not like the look of gold, silver, or gray if you have a darker skin tone.  If you have a lighter skin tone, you can go with light blues, bronze, dark purples, pinks, and other red colors to complement your skin.

Yellow Teeth
You should make sure to avoid any bands that are yellow or too light as to fade to yellow. This can cause your smile to look yellow and makes it difficult to take photos and smile with braces.

Braces Best for Your Lifestyle

Did you know that they have glow-in-the-dark bands? You can really make your mouth come alive if you love going to concerts, parties, and other places where glow sticks abound!

If you want to keep a low-profile on your braces, color braces may not be the best, but you can always get invisible bands, white bands, or Invisalign. These options minimize the look of braces.

If you are patriotic, there are lots of ways to style bands in different colors to represent your flag and country. Red, white, and blue bands can be placed around the brackets for July 4th, for example. You can switch band colors any time, and you can also remove braces at any time and switch to Invisalign or another method that is more low profile.

Things to Consider for Holidays – Seasonal Braces

Are you a Halloween junkie? If you are as festive as they come, then you may want to change your braces more often depending on your favorite holidays. Brace bands can be switched out at each dentist visit. There are some great options for celebratory themes like:

Glow-in-the-Dark Bands
This is a perfect way to style your smile during the Halloween season. However, you may want to pick a color that is not invisible glow-in-the-dark bands as these can look yellow when not under a black light.

Alternate Colors
No matter the season, you can pick as many different color patterns as you like with your braces. You can also choose just do one color on top and one color on bottom. Here’s some ideas for different color patterns:

This is a great combination for Halloween. You can choose between light pastel colors or dark colors if you want to be a little more festive.

Christmas colors are a favorite during winter months. You can get your smile in season by stylizing alternating red and green colors or choosing one color for your top teeth.

Easter is a great time to show off light pinks, blues, purples, and golds.

Whether you want to show support for veterans or celebrate July 4th, you can always do red, white, and blue patterns.

Awareness Months
Did you know October is also breast cancer awareness month? You can change your brace colors to pink to show support.

Famous Celebrities with Color Braces

There are many celebrities who have had color braces in the past. These celebrities liked to mix up colors. Many wore braces to events like Gwen Stefani and Angelina Jolie, while others had braces when they were younger.

  • Angelina Jolie
  • Gwen Stefani
  • Emma Watson
  • Fantasia Barrino
  • Dakota Fanning
  • Ryan Seacrest
  • Emma Stone

Where to Get Braces in Los Angeles

Color braces in Los Angeles are not hard to find, but you may not always work with a reputable orthodontist. You should always look to customer testimonials and find dentists that offer color braces in addition to other options. A number of dentists in Los Angeles will tell you that they offer color braces but may not have a great selection of colors. You should always talk to the dentist about what you want your smile to look like before you have braces placed on your teeth.

In some cases, you may start off with white or invisible bands until color bands are available. However, if your doctor uses virtual software to show you what your smile will look like, then you should be able to plan what bands to choose from with your dentist beforehand.

Reputable dentist will have a number of before and after pictures to show you what they can do for your smile. You can look for color braces to see what patterns and styles others are choosing for their teeth.

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How to Care for Your Braces

Braces do more than improve your smile, they also fix overcrowded and misaligned teeth. You can fix an underbite or overbite with the help of braces. However, if you do not take care of your braces, the color may start to dull or grow yellow, causing issues for your smile when you finally get them removed.

You should always brush and floss, cleaning braces carefully each day to ensure that no food is stuck. You will need to take off elastics and other removable parts when you brush as well.

You can place bands in a cleansing solution to keep their color bright. It is also important to floss and use toothpicks if you have any trouble getting out stubborn food like popcorn. Rinse and check teeth regularly for any signs of debris stuck in between the wires and brackets.

Best 20 Color Braces Ideas for Los Angeles Residents

You can do so many different things with your brace bands. Whether you want to do patterns or rotate colors each season, here are some ways that others are choosing to style their smiles.

  1. All One Color
    Want to show off love for your favorite color? You can go with one color over all like blue, red, orange, gold, gray, or green! Any color can be used for an all over one color smile.
  2. Top vs Bottom
    Some people choose to change the top color to one color and keep the bottom set another color. This is perfect if you have two favorite colors or want to show support for a school or event.
  3. 3-1-3-1
    This style patterns 3 colors to every 1 color, repeating until the full set of bands has been used for top and bottom. This is a good style for sports team colors or holidays.
  4. Alternating Pattern
    Typical patterns have two colors that alternate after each band. You can do pink and white, green and blue, blue and orange, red and white, and other colors for seasons or sports teams.
  5. Seasonal Color Braces
    If you love a certain holiday, you can use those colors to decorate your smile. You can do green and purple, red and white, or red and green.
  6. Tri-Colors
    If you want to add more color bands in your pattern, you can choose three of your favorite colors to alternate.
  7. Monochromatic
    Want to do various shades of red, pink, and white? You can look up monochromatic color pickers to get your band colors and try a new look.
  8. Analogous Color Braces
    These are colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. For example, yellow, green, and blue are analogous colors.
  9. Complementary Colors
    In art school, they would tell you that these combinations come from partnering up one color with its opposite on the color wheel. For example, dark blue and orange.
  10. Triadic
    When you pick a triadic color scheme, you are picking three colors that are equidistant from each other on the color wheel. For example, light green, dark blue, and orange.
  11. Compound Color Braces
    These color schemes are akin to complementary schemes. However, instead of using the opposite color on the wheel, compound uses colors on both sides of the opposite hue. For example, red, dark green, and light green are compound colors.
  12. Sports Colors
    Have you thought about using the colors from your favorite sports team? Whether you want to support your son’s school or you are gearing up for March madness for your favorite team, you can make your mouth show spirit for your team, too.
  13. Flag Colors
    Want to show pride for different countries? You can pick out colors from their national flags to represent with your smile.
  14. Two Front Teeth
    In Japan, some colored brace styles incorporate an all white look except for the front two columns of bands from top to bottom. In some cases, more bands are added out from the center.
  15. Rubber Mouth
    Some who love color braces go to the extreme and try crisscrossing all band colors around their teeth. You should talk to your orthodontist about how many bands to use to accomplish this look.
  16. Rainbow Mouth
    Whether you want to do alternating rainbows from top to bottom or want to do a pastel rainbow, you can use all the different colors to paint your braces.
  17. Cold Colors
    If you love purple, gray, and blue, then you should pick cold colors. Light blue is a fun look in winter months.
  18. Warm Colors
    Gold, red, and bronze are great colors to wear when you want to show festive for Fall.
  19. Block Colors
    With color braces you can do colors two at a time, side-by-side to create a distinct look.
  20. Glow-in-the-Dark Braces
    You can create a really amazing look for festivals, concerts, and holidays with glow-in-the-dark braces.

What are the Steps to Choose the Color of Your Braces

There are a few things to consider when picking out braces to match your skin tone and personality. The dental office in LA makes it easy for you to pick the color and style that you like most.

  1. Match Colors to Your Skin Tone or Personality
  2. Talk to Your Dentist About What Colors You Like
  3. See Rubber Bands on Your Braces in Virtual Example or with Dentist’s Assistance
  4. Pick the Color and Pattern of Braces to Match Your Style
  5. Show Off Your New Brace Colors!
  6. It’s really simple to pick the color of your braces with a dentist’s help. You can find the perfect colors to match patterns and fun themes that will make you love showing off your new smile.


Want to learn more about Braces? Check out WebMD for more info on Braces.

Are you ready to get your color braces in Los Angeles? Schedule a consultation today and see how we can transform your smile.

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