Braces Colors for 2020
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Braces Colors for 2020

Straightening Your Teeth with Braces: A Healthy and Rewarding Choice

Deciding to see an orthodontist in Beverly Hills and be fitted with braces to straighten your teeth is healthy. Braces color choices are also uplifting, and your treatment will be rewarding in the long run. Correcting misaligned teeth with conventional braces does take some time. Yet the result will be straight teeth and a beautiful smile. Corrective dental braces are designed with durable metal bands that circle your back molars securely. These bands serve as strong anchors for arched wires that form connections for all of your teeth.

Brackets on each tooth-front are steady attachment points for upper and lower arch-wires. These arch-wires and brackets are attached by rubber bands, or elastic ligatures. Today, these bands are available in myriad shades of every imaginable color. Initially, these color ideas for braces were created mainly to delight young patients from age 8 to age 14. However, the vast number of hues produced today are sure to please candidates for braces of virtually all ages. Your West Los Angeles orthodontic specialist has all braces colors and shades for you to view.

Why Select Color Braces?

There are various reasons for choosing colorful bands for your dental braces. Why not add some fun, fashion and flair to the process of acquiring a radiant new smile? Many people have favorite colors and often wear clothing in these hues and shades. By choosing rubber bands for their braces that match these colors, they can accent and enhance their outfits. Many dental patients wearing braces like to change their elastic band colors to complement different styles of dress. Others may change band colors to celebrate holidays that have definite color ideas and traditions. There are many different holidays and occasions to enjoy in West Los Angeles.

Some dental braces wearers like to select the hues of their rubber bands according to the meanings of colors. For example, red is known to symbolize energy and endurance in color ideas. Blue stands for calm serenity and stability of character while purple signifies luxury, riches and influence. Purple may also be a symbol of mystery, artistry and wisdom. Orange can stand for joy and contentment while yellow is associated with loyalty and cheer. Yellow-gold may also signify energy and focused intellect. Green can symbolize harmony, growth, wealth and peace. There is a special good braces color to please everyone.

What Are My Color Options for Braces?

When selecting your colors for braces, remember that the metal arch-wires and brackets will most often be silver. If you are fitted with ceramic braces, they are normally white or clear (invisible). If your braces are white or invisible, the color bands that you choose will stand out brightly. However, silver braces will complement colored rubber bands and look attractive as well. Your orthodontist will most likely show you a color wheel to help you select your ideal colors. You can also find online color selectors that enable you to see what hues and tonalities suit you the best.

You can also order customized band hues and patterns from some e-commerce sites. Just be sure to consult your orthodontist first about the correct band size to order. Some patients prefer single-color bands while others like to mix hues. If your favorite is every color in the rainbow, you can choose from all the primary, secondary and tertiary colors. Examples of popular tertiary colors are red-orange or blue-green. If your main objective is to have a beautiful, softly glowing smile, pastels are most likely best for you. Good choices in color ideas are pink, light blue and soft purple.

When being fitted for both top and bottom teeth braces, you may opt for different wire colors. It can be fun to choose one color for your top teeth and another hue for the bottom row. It is usually best to avoid choosing black bands or shades like dark blue, purple or green. These colors are too prominent and can also look similar to food particles lodged in your braces or between teeth. Many people also find that yellow bands can give teeth and smiles an overall yellowed appearance.

Can I Change My Braces Colors Later On?

Whenever your orthodontist adjusts and tightens your braces, you can request to select new bands of a different color. Typically, this happens every six to eight weeks. However, adjustments are scheduled according to how rapidly your teeth move toward alignment.

Many dental patients like to change braces band colors during major holidays or to match party themes. Others like to dress up their braces with color ideas for attending special events. During Halloween or for seasonal celebrations, you can showcase bands that glow in the dark. These are great fun and will attract plenty of attention and comments from your admirers. There are plenty of different colors to enhance all events and special days.

How to Choose the Perfect Color for My Braces

Some advice and tips for selecting the ideal good braces color to brighten and enhance your appearance include the following:

Flatter Your Natural Skin Tones.

Strong, sparkling gem shades often complement medium to dark skin tones. Individuals with fair to very light skin frequently look best wearing cooler braces colors. You can also have fun matching your elastic band color with your eye color. Strong, vibrant colors for your braces elastics are recommended if you have dark or light blond hair. For hair colors in between these two extremes, milder shades and pastels are often ideal.

Brighten Teeth with Your Braces Color.

By deciding on a strong, dark braces color and shade, you can whiten the appearance of your teeth. Yet if you choose white or yellow tones for braces bands, your teeth may look faded, bland or stained.

Highlight Your Signature Color.

If you have a favorite color that expresses the very essence of “you,” try using this hue for braces bands. This gives your braces and your smile a personalized look and ambiance that is all your own. Why not emphasize your unique brand of visual identity in your bright, charming smile?

Create a Seasonal Celebration with Braces Color.

By changing the color of your braces to mark each season of the year, you can celebrate in style. Seaside blue-green and sand hues are delightful summer colors along with forest green and light buttercup-gold. Mild spring green and rosebud pink as well as robin’s egg blue are pleasing combinations. Strong, bright reds, aquas, purples and corals are great nighttime shades for summertime parties. In autumn, school or sports team colors are popular choices for braces hues.

Opt for Metallic Glitter and Spark Color Ideas.

Sparkling silver, gold and other metallic shades can brighten and enliven special events and occasions of all types. They light up your face with a brilliant, engaging smile. With metallic shades for braces bands, you will spark a bright, happy feeling in everyone you meet.

Color Braces Ideas

Color Braces for Kids

Children love bright shades in different colors. They are also attracted to multi-color combinations and want a beautiful smile. When youngsters make their first visits to the orthodontist, they are excited to discover all the braces color choices. Colors of the flag or their favorite sports teams and colors associated with Halloween or other holidays are favorites. Fortunately, a new and exciting braces color idea for kids and for teens is constantly created.

Children and teens are also fascinated by rainbows and may want a “rainbow mouth” fitting for braces color. A popular braces color idea for kids in Japan uses bright hues. These colors are used for the two front columns of bands, both top and bottom. The remainder of the bands produce an all-white appearance. Since growing children may need fairly frequent braces adjustments, they can pick out new popular colors often.

Color Braces for Adults

The American Association of Orthodontists reports that one in every five grownups wears dental braces at some time. In years past, fashion-conscious adults in professions that involve public appearances were sometimes hesitant to wear braces. Yet with the many attractive colors available today, braces are considered quite fashionable while being essential for aligning teeth.

For those who favor subtlety, braces elastics in popular colors that match brackets are a good choice. For metal brackets, silver or light grey bands are ideal. At first thought, clear elastics can seem to be the attractive invisible style. However, these clear bands can collect noticeable stains from consuming coffee, tea, red wine and other beverages. Dark colored foods can also discolor them, so metallic shades or pastels may be best.

Caring for Color Braces

Braces are essential for straightening poorly aligned or overcrowded teeth. They can even correct an overbite or underbite. For healthy results, be sure to brush and floss your braces and teeth daily, especially after eating. When brushing, remove elastics and other parts that are removable. This will help ensure that no food particles are stuck between your teeth or between your braces and teeth. Use a toothpick as needed and rinse your mouth well.

You can use a cleansing solution recommended by your orthodontist for thorough cleaning of bands. This will help maintain their attractive colors. Always examine your braces to determine if any debris is lodged between their wires and brackets. With proper care of your braces and bands, you can prevent them from yellowing or becoming dull. By keeping them clean, you can avoid any accumulation of residue that may stain both the braces and teeth.


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