2020 solution for tooth replacement, Dental Implants and Bridges
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2020 solution for tooth replacement, Dental Implants and Bridges

Dental Implants in Beverly Hills

Are you one of the approximate 10% of American adults who have lost a tooth or two? Have you been looking for a dental implants specialist in Los Angeles? Traditionally, our only options to fix a lost adult tooth have been bridges, partials, and full dentures. Now, we have a more permanent way to fix a missing front tooth—dental implants.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are made of a different material than dentures. They have a piece attached to the crown of the tooth. The article is usually of titanium or another durable material. The extension of the all on 4 dental implants is supposed to simulate the root of a natural tooth. It is the best way to replace a missing tooth.

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When you have to lose a tooth, you can fix missing teeth with dental implants. If you are an adult with a loosing a tooth, tooth replacement is not far out of reach. Are you looking for a Beverly Hills dental implants specialist? If so, you can find one by doing an internet search. You are sure to find a dental implants specialist in Los Angeles.

If you are wondering what happens when you lose a molar, you should think of looking into permanent teeth replacement in Beverly Hills. There are going to be some clients who are closer to Los Angeles when it comes to fixing their missing teeth.

A Beverly Hills dental Implants specialist will help in replacing a missing front tooth or missing molar tooth lost through gum disease in Beverly Hills. They fix missing teeth more permanently than a denture of some sort. A Beverly Hills dental implant specialist is the best person to consult with when wanting to replace a missing bottom front tooth, missing front teeth, or a missing molar.

If you are wondering, do missing teeth need to be replaced, the answer is yes. When you are missing two front teeth, it is difficult to bite off a piece of a sandwich. A dental implant specialist in Los Angeles can help with permanent teeth replacement. Dental implants are how to replace a missing tooth.

The Treatment Process

Can a molar be replaced? Are you wondering what to do when you lose a tooth? Dental implants in Beverly Hills might be the answer. When you want to replace a tooth with a dental implant, it is best to speak to your dentist first. The dentist will go through your history, X-rays, and conduct an oral examination to determine if a dental implant is the best way to replace a tooth for you.

A dental implant is not the best way to replace a missing tooth. If you are wondering how to fix missing teeth and want an implant, you might not be eligible. Loosing a tooth is not the most pleasant experience an adult can have. Missing teeth can be unsightly. Of course, you can fix missing teeth in a more permanent solution. But, not everyone in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills is eligible to settle their missing two front teeth with dental implants. Dental implants will replace missing tooth.

There are a few reasons one would not be eligible for permanent teeth replacement via dental implants. Tooth replacement with dental implants is only possible when the patient has an excellent bone density in the jawline. There are a few reasons why our bone density will deteriorate. These reasons include that it has been too long since we had the missing teeth removed from our mouth.

To fix missing teeth with dental implants, the jaw cannot have shrunk due to the missing teeth. Also, if there is evidence of gum disease, the jawbone will shrink. When that happens, the dentist cannot replace missing tooth with dental implants.

If you are not a candidate to replace missing tooth with dental implants, you still have options. Dental implants are an excellent way of replacing teeth lost through gum disease. These options include partials and other types of dentures. They now have permanent dentures available for patients who are looking for dental implants and are not good candidates for them.

Benefits of Dental Implants

There are many benefits to dental implants. These include some of the following. The list is almost endless. We have added the most important benefits to choosing implants over traditional dentures.

  • There is a high success rate compared to dentures.
  • The design of the implant is comparable to your natural tooth.
  • You will find the care and maintenance of dental implants are more accessible than for dentures.
  • Dental implants do not invade the natural teeth surrounding them.
  • They are comfortable compared to dentures.
  • Dental implants will not cause bone density loss. They will help prevent it.

When you are thinking of replacing a missing tooth, you might not want to consider implants because of the high upfront cost. But, compared to the cost of caring for partials and bridges over their lifetime, you might find the investment is better with dental implants.

The other treatments do have lower upfront costs. These treatments do not place a root in the jawbone. Therefore, the bone may lose density after some time of being in the denture or partial. These partials are big and bulky. They might cause you discomfort; partials are not a permanent solution to tooth loss. Therefore, they do not feel natural.

Most patients who opt for implants will find they are worth the investment. There have been studies done on those who went with dental implants as opposed to a partial. These studies have found that the implants lasted the patient’s lifetime and had little or no maintenance to do so.

Is There a Need for a Bone Graft?

Sometimes, a patient will require a sinus lift before the dental implants can be put in. The sinus lift is also called a bone graft. Traditionally, the bone graft was performed in a hospital under sedation. The dental surgeon removed a piece of bone from the hip or a rib. Then they implanted it in the jawbone.

Today, many new technologies are offering us a less invasive means of conducting a bone graft. These means are taking the bovine from a cow bone. The surgeon then implants the bull bone into the patient’s jawline; the graft helps the dental implants stay in place.

It is not a shameful thing to need a bone graft. It merely means that you will be an excellent candidate for dental implants after the graft is complete. You will need to have the thick bone density to support the titanium root of the dental implant. Having a bone graft done is usually covered by your insurance.

If you do need a bone graft conducted before getting the implants, your dentist will refer you to a specialist to do the graft. These types of dentists will perform the surgery in the hospital. The calf bone that is used today is something that our bodies will not reject. There are unique mechanisms used to trick the body into thinking the bone came from ourselves. The new bone graft is generally as safe as a procedure as traditional invasive surgery.

What Happens After the Dental Implants are Placed?

If you need a bone graft, it will generally take six months for the new bone to heal and thicken enough to support the dental implant. When your bone has improved, the titanium root will be put in place. The mouth and the new bone can take anywhere from six weeks to six months to infuse the titanium root of the implant to the jawline.

Once the root of the implant is infused to the jawline, the dentist will attach a crown to it. The head of the dental implant will look, feel, and act as a natural tooth. The candidate will be able to brush and eat as though it were their tooth.

Dental implants do not need much maintenance. They will generally last you a lifetime. It is one of the best investments you can make for your smile as an adult. If you have already been dealing with partials or another form of denture, you know how uncomfortable they can be. You also know there is much maintenance to keep up these false teeth.

If you are an excellent candidate for dental implants, you will be able to have your smile restored soon. If you needed a bone graft before becoming a candidate for implants, the process could take up to one year. You should be patient. When the dentist is done with inserting the dental implants, you will have a new smile.

If you are thinking of dental implants to improve your smile, contact a dentist in your area soon to schedule a consultation and evaluation. It is what to do when you lose your tooth. It is how to replace all teeth.

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