What are Flipper Tooth A complete Guide

What are Flipper Tooth A complete Guide

A flipper-tooth is also known as a removable partial denture and is one of the several dental solutions for people with some teeth missing. We offer several options at Smile Angels of Beverly Hills, such as partial dentures for front-teeth, partial dentures, single tooth flipper, f ront tooth flipper, and f lipper denture. Dr. Bruce Vafa DDs. is among the best in Beverly Hills holistic dentists, so you will be sure that you will get the best service possible.

Suppose you are lacking some teeth and are wondering how does a flipper tooth work. C an you eat with a flipper tooth or the cost of denture in Houston. Read on.

Essentially, a flipper-tooth is a removable retainer that sits on your mouth’s roof or your lower jaw and has a single or multiple prosthetic teeth attached. Suppose you lost your teeth as a result of injury, removal, or decay. When the flipper-tooth is in your mouth, it gives the appearance of a full smile.

You can get a flipper-tooth from your dentist, but they have to first take an imitation of your mouth, using a soft material to make it for you. A flipper-tooth will then be customized for you in the dental laboratory. The dental acrylic will resemble your gum color to look natural. You can take out your flipper-tooth daily for cleaning. The dentist will show you how to take it out and put it in.

Below is all you should know about a flipper-tooth to make an informed decision if it is the best fit for you or not.

How Does a Flipper Tooth Work?

A flipper-tooth is often customized to fit your tooth gap. It can be made for you before you get a tooth extraction. An acrylic-resin is fundamentally used to build your flipper-tooth when an impression is made. The impression is usually taken to the dental laboratory, and the customized flipper is made to fit the gaps you have in your mouth. Once the flipper is ready, all you have to do is put it in, and the prosthetic teeth will fill the gaps in your mouth.

Benefits of a flipper tooth

A flipper-tooth has multiple benefits that make it an excellent dental solution for individuals missing a few teeth. Below are a couple of benefits of having a flipper tooth.

They are affordable

Compared to other partial dentures for front teeth, flipper-tooth is relatively affordable.

They are flexible

A flipper tooth’s structure is quite flexible, meaning that if you lose a tooth, another one can easily attached to your flipper.

Are lightweight

F lipper denture are usually lightweight, so you will get used to wearing one pretty fast.

Improve your smile

Placing a flipper in your mouth will significantly improve your smile, especially when you are lacking teeth in a noticeable area. They also appear pretty natural, so other people will not tell that they are not your natural teeth.

Stabilizes your teeth

Having a flipper-tooth stabilizes your existing teeth, ensuring that they do not shift.

Are easy to wear

Taking out and putting in your flipper-tooth is pretty straightforward.

Are quick to prepare

Usually, you will be required to make frequent visits to your dentist if you opt to get a permanent partial denture. On the other hand, a flipper-tooth is easier to make, and you do not have to wait for an extended period once your dentist takes your mouth’s impression.

C an you eat with a flipper tooth?

Eating is usually a challenge if you do not have a single or multiple teeth. Luckily, you can eat with your flipper tooth, and you are more likely to find chewing easier. It is worth mentioning that flipper-tooth is usually made from light-weight and fragile material that can break easily. Therefore, it would be best to chew carefully and generally be careful whenever you are eating.

Flipper Tooth Cost

A flipper tooth cost is the most affordable option if you are considering getting a prosthetic tooth. Several factors may affect the total cost. For instance, the cost of denture in Houston will not be the same as the dentures cost in Los Angeles.
Although, the main determinants are usually the materials being used and how many teeth you plan to replace. Often, the cost of your flipper tooth will range between $300 to $500. Suppose you have dental insurance. In that case, some costs may be covered, but it will help if you consult your dentist beforehand and find out if they take your insurance.

However, it is worth mentioning that you will have to pay an extra fee if your flipper-tooth requires periodic adjustment or if you need it repaired. If you would like to know the total cost of everything, consult with your dentist. They will give you the full price once they examine your mouth.

How to Care for a Flipper Tooth

Caring for a flipper-tooth is pretty straightforward, and you must care for them whether you have a f ront tooth flipper or a single tooth flipper. It would be best to clean it every day to get rid of bacteria and food particles.

The best maintenance for your flipper tooth is using a soft bristles toothbrush, warm water, and hand soap or liquid soap. Once you have cleaned your flipper, ensure that you rinse it thoroughly prior to insertion in your mouth.

Avoid using toothpaste on your flipper tooth since it damages them. Suppose they start to cause pain and discomfort, long-term or they are loose, call Smile Angels of Beverly Hills, and we will adjust them for you. It will be best to avoid using your tongue to move around the partial-dentures of the teeth because this makes them loose.

It would also be best to avoid dark-colored foods and drinks since they can stain your flipper tooth. Ensure that your flipper tooth does not dry out when it is not in use because it can easily break when it dries out, and it is more likely to be uncomfortable when you wear it. Therefore, please place it in a dental cleaner or soak it in water to ensure it stays moist whenever you take it out. When using water, ensure it is not scalding since this can make your flipper tooth warp.

While taking care of your flipper tooth, remember to care for your regular teeth, too, because dental hygiene is vital. This ensures there is a decrease in the risk of tooth discomfort, sensitivity, decay and gum-disease. It would be best to ensure that you visit a dentist at least twice every year for cleanings and check-ups and floss and brush your teeth 2 times a day.

Is a Flipper Tooth the Right Choice for You?

A flipper tooth is often used for a short period, as an individual waits for a more permanent solution like a dental implant or a fixed bridge. Usually, they are used to replace the front teeth. A flipper tooth is not recommended for long term use because it can sit loosely in your mouth or be uncomfortable. However, it can be an ideal option for a permanent prosthetic tooth if your teeth are missing and are not ideal for a fixed bridge or a dental implant.

Flipper Tooth Alternatives

Besides a flipper tooth, there are other alternatives for individuals missing a single or multiple teeth.

Permanent Solutions

There are two permanent prosthetic tooth solutions you can select from other than flippers, dental implants, and dental bridges. However, these solutions are more expensive than flippers.

Dental implants

Dental implants are directly attached to your jaw bone post-surgically to grip your prosthetic tooth.

Dental bridges

Dental bridges are prosthetic teeth often attached directly to an implant or your teeth using bonds, crowns, and cement instead of being one with your denture.

Temporary solutions

The temporary prosthetic tooth solutions are usually more affordable than permanent solutions. It is also worth noting that they last much longer than a flipper tooth does. While they are cheaper than the permanent fixes, they are more expensive than a flipper tooth. They include snap-on-smile and fixed partial dentures for front teeth.


A snap-on-smile is a customized partial denture, fitting over the existing teeth up to the gums, except it doesn’t cover your palate.

Fixed partial denture

This is a partial denture that is usually clipped to your existing teeth. This option can only be practical if you have healthy teeth that they can be attached to.

A flipper tooth is the best and most affordable option if you would like a temporary prosthetic tooth solution. It is also an excellent choice to have as you wait for a more permanent solution. You can also consult with your dentist and let them help you choose a solution that will suit you best. You can call our office to set up a consultation.

If you want to know the dentures cost in Los Angeles, contact our Smile Angels of Beverly Hills and set up an appointment. Dr. Bruce Vafa DDs. has several years of experience and a reputation that precedes him. We can guarantee that you will receive superior patient care.

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