Porcelain Veneers Gone Wrong – When Veneers Fail
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Porcelain Veneers Gone Wrong – When Veneers Fail

Dr. Vafa, Beverly Hills veneers dentist, has been treating many patients with bad veneers who had to deal with “porcelain veneers gone wrong.” Your dentist might be very experienced, but did you now a veneers dentist has to be an artist to create beautiful smiles?

Dental veneers are an excellent value for people who have misshapen teeth, stained teeth, crooked teeth, and other problems with the appearance of their smiles. The porcelain veneers are a thin and durable coating that is applied over the surface of the teeth. Although computer technology is making the process easier, the application of veneers still requires great technical skill and talent. Only the most experienced dentists, such as Bruce Vafa DDS, Beverly Hills veneers specialist, can apply porcelain veneers without causing the common hang-ups that can occur.

Porcelain Veneers Gone Wrong

What Are Some Key Reasons Why “Porcelain Veneers Gone Wrong”

When you hear about porcelain veneer horror stories, this is often because the patient did not qualify for the treatment and, nevertheless, opted to have the veneers applied or because the dentist lacked proper tools or training. Don’t forget, many patients are flying overseas to have veneers applied at a steep discount and getting a substandard treatment that causes more problems than it solves. Let’s look at what happens to porcelain veneers gone wrong.

Some common causes of veneers gone wrong:

  • Poor oral health
  • Bruxism and other bad habits
  • Pain and sensitivity
  • Lack of aesthetic appeal
  • Excessive loss of tooth enamel


Now that you have some examples of why porcelain veneers gone wrong, let’s consider why they go wrong in greater detail. Many patients wind up with veneers gone wrong because the dentist removes too much enamel in shaping the teeth for application of the veneers. Permanent veneers are cemented onto the teeth and require preparation of teeth surfaces. At Smile Angels of Beverly Hills, your dentist will take great care to only remove the bare minimum. And if a tooth is too severely damaged or has thin enamel, your dentist may recommend alternative methods for correction.

If a patient suffers from bruxism, a disorder that causes them to grind their teeth, they can quickly wear down the porcelain surfaces. Clenching your teeth can also damage the veneers by exposing them to high volumes of pressure. Patients who have this disorder may need a custom-fitted mouthguard to wear at night.

Poor Oral Health

Furthermore, if a patient is suffering from poor oral health, they may have tooth decay or infections that are only exacerbated by the veneers. Veneers should not be used to cover up or fake a healthy smile if the cause of the deterioration is unaddressed and still active.

There are numerous reasons why a patient may suffer from pain and sensitivity after they have veneers applied. This is usually because the teeth are not prepped properly or because the dentist does not apply them in a manner that creates a uniform bite. A dentist must determine how thin the enamel may be and avoid drilling too close to the nerve. When the enamel is thinned and material is removed, this can open up pores in the teeth for hot and cold temperatures to penetrate faster and aggravate the nerves.

Cons and Disadvantages

Veneers are permanently applied. If you don’t like the way that they look or how they feel, it can take a lot of time and money to have someone else redo them. And because they are meant to address numerous cosmetic issues at once, they can also put you through a draining experience if the dentist is not proficient at applying them. Furthermore, you can wear out your veneers if you have bad habits, like bruxism, and find yourself spending a lot to maintain them. The worst result is when you wind up with veneers gone wrong. Click here to learn more about the Disadvantages of veneers.

How to Prevent Veneers from Failing

If you don’t want to be a patient with porcelain veneers gone wrong, you have to ensure that you are receiving care from an experienced dentist. It is easy to wind up with veneers gone wrong because applying veneers is a tedious and technically complex procedure.

You can easily wind up with porcelain veneers gone wrong even if the dentist that you see is technically trained but lacks an artistic eye. And because veneers gone wrong are so expensive to replace, it always pays to avoid veneers gone wrong by having the procedure done right the first time by the experienced dentists at Smile Angels of Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills veneers dentist, Bruce Vafa DDS, knows how much tooth material to remove and are extremely skilled at reshaping teeth. And because they have access to the latest technology, they can assess the strength of tooth structures and the thickness of the enamel.

Factors to Consider

Since there are so many factors to consider and so many variables in fulfilling the artistic vision of a perfect smile, you can’t expect to receive the same quality of care from less qualified dentists. Nevertheless, applying veneers is a safe and proven procedure that can save you thousands on braces, tooth whitening, dental implants, root canals, bridges, and other appliances used to replace teeth.

And because porcelain veneers are durable and resemble your natural teeth, they can save you from a lifetime of embarrassment and make you feel happy about smiling again. A lot of people feel ashamed to show their teeth and will even refrain from talking to others in public. Whether their teeth are misshapen, crooked, or stained, the stigma of a nasty smile can close the doors on a lot of socio-economic opportunities that are based upon first impressions.

Veneers offer an immediate and permanent solution and are more affordable than the myriad of alternative treatments that require more involved work to not simply resurface teeth but to remove them and replace them.


The cost of porcelain veneers is worth it when you consider the wide range of problems that they solve. They can cover up chips, cracks, discoloration, and straighten out a set of misshapen or crooked teeth. Nevertheless, you always want to bring your mouth to the best veneer doctor around. Dr. Bruce Vafa practices cosmetic dentistry in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. He is committed to solving your dental problems with as much care and comfort as possible.

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