Why Veneers are So Expensive

Why Veneers are So Expensive

3 Reasons to Why Veneers Are Expensive
Dental veneers will make you have that perfect smile you have always wanted. Veneers are for anyone who can dare dream to have the ideal set of teeth to boost your confidence in implicit ways. However, dental veneers are not for the fair-hearted as they come at a steep price. Even though it is a simple dental procedure, it is so costly. Here are some reasons why the cost of veneers is justifiable.

1. Quality of Materials
While it is possible to find affordable veneers, it all depends on the materials you choose. For example, porcelain is among the most expensive dental veneer procedures you can undergo. Besides the obvious reasons for having immaculate white teeth, porcelain never stains or loses its bright white color. Your beautiful smile will be long-term.

The best smile is priceless and never cheap. The reason why veneers are so expensive is that it requires lots of working hours to find the perfection you need. In some instances, lab technicians can take up to three days to complete one set of teeth. The reason is that veneers must have a translucent finish to make them look like your natural teeth. Also, you can only apply one layer at a time.

Even though a veneer procedure is for cosmetic and aesthetic purposes, you still want a long-lasting or permanent solution. Therefore, cheap and affordable material will not fit this spectrum. Veneers that do not get damaged over time will make you save in the long run. There will be no costs for repairs or replacements because you chipped your tooth chewing on tough food.

2. Custom Solution
Dental veneers have a reputation for providing people with elegant smiles and poise. It is among the most revered options for tooth restoration. You will understand if it costs slightly more than you expected. However, each tooth gets glorified and exalted to impeccable status.

Ultimately, veneers cost in Beverly Hills is a craft that gives your teeth its natural shade, fit and shape on placement. It is not a one-size-fits, as each tooth gets a custom uplift. It means that a lot of effort goes into making your teeth brilliant. The dentist and the lab technician cater to all details, however large or small, to give you premium results.

Some people know how to care for veneers and spend an entire lifetime without having to worry about their smiles. When you are not always self-aware of your teeth because you know they are in the perfect form, you will realize that there is no price on a smile.

Depending on your dental hygiene, you can determine why veneers are so expensive. Your veneers will need little to no repairs. You can also make regular visits to the dentist for dental checkups. This way, you can enjoy a long period before there is any cause for alarm. Some veneers last up to 15 years with proper care.

3. Labor Intensive
If you combine all the elements and effort towards installing veneers, you will see why the cost can be bloated. The lab fees include design times, milling burrs, cleaning the teeth, and general labor.

You also have to consider the chair time as it piles up on the overall cost of veneers. A veneer procedure is not a one-time process. You will have many stages of treatments before you finally walk away with the perfect smile. The stages include taking your teeth’ impressions, designing your new smile at the lab, temporary fittings of veneers, and then the permanent fit. It can amount to over ten hours of the total chair time you will endure. However, it is spread over many appointments.

The good thing about a dental veneer process is that it is readily available within most dental clinics. Therefore, you can have a dental payment plan to cover the costs in reasonable monthly installments.

Not all veneer procedures are expensive. Among the most affordable options is the composition veneers. However, this type of veneer has a downside as it is a short-term solution. You will find yourself in need of a retouch every 6-12 months or sooner, depending on your dental hygiene and food choice. Consequently, it would be best if you considered a dentist’s expertise and reputation. Not all dentists can re-design a smile to make it look natural for a lifetime.

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