Who Is the Most Experienced Cosmetic Dentist in Beverly Hills, CA
Most experienced Dentist in Beverly Hills

Who Is the Most Experienced Cosmetic Dentist in Beverly Hills, CA

Bruce Vafa DDS., the Most experienced Dentist in Beverly Hills

Smile Angels of Beverly Hills has a team of dentists unlike any other dental practice in the greater Los Angeles area. It is led by Dr. Bruce Vafa, the most experienced cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills, CA. Dr. Vafa’s business philosophy  makes this dental office one of the top dental practices in the region. He treats treats all his patients as if he or she is a member of his family, regardless of their financial situation or public fame. Dr. Vafa also sees each person as the individual that he or she is, with personalized and unique oral considerations.

Services offered by an experienced dentist

Smile Angels of Beverly Hills offers a full range of dental services. For example Dr. Vafa offers from routine dental examinations and cleanings to intricate dental surgery and oral cavity restorations. In addition, Dr. Vafa’s dental practice offers general adult dentistry. Moreover, he offers pediatric dental services, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics and reconstructive.

Dr. Vafa, the most experienced dentist in Los Angeles,  is also famous for offering the best holistic dentistry in Los Angeles. He is recognized as a true expert in his chosen profession and one of the leading dentists in the Los Angeles area.

The trust and faith of his patients is evidenced by the fact that many of his former pediatric patients are now bringing their children to him. It is indeed a sign of real belief in the skills and knowledge of both the dentists and the dental technicians. This allows this practice to have so many long standing patients. Continuing education has enabled Dr. Vafa to offer their patients new and innovative treatments not found in other area dental offices. Dr. Vafa insists that any procedural enhancement is of value to his patients and not for any financial gain. Patient satisfaction is a major priority at Smile Angels of Beverly Hills.

Importance of finding an experienced cometic dentist

While the term “cosmetic dentistry” tends to have people thinking about upgrading their oral appearances. However,  it is much more than that. Cosmetic dentistry is a collective term that covers a wide range of dental procedures that correct many different problems within the oral cavity. And, yes, once corrected, the patient not only has improved his or her dental health, but he or she does have a more attractive smile. Dr. Vafa’s patients may have initially sought out his services to correct a gum, bone, or tooth issue, but their delight with the results have seen them continue as lifelong patients who return for regular dental examination and cleanings.

What sets Dr. Vafa, the most experienced cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills

What sets Dr. Vafa, the most experienced cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills apart from other cosmetic dentists is his extensive years of practice and hands on application with thousands of cosmetic procedures. On the other hand, as a dentist with nearly four decades of dental experience, he is keenly aware of a patient’s fear and anxiety when undergoing cosmetic therapy.  His calming personality and his expert capabilities are what is able to relax the patient throughout his or her treatment. A typical comment heard from patients after their treatment is: “If I had known how painless the process would be, I’d have come to Dr. Vafa sooner for treatment.”

Most experienced Dentist in Los Angeles

After graduating with his DDS in 1984, Dr. Vafa spent three more years in special training for pediatric dentistry. He has been a local resident and specialized cosmetic dentist in the Los Angeles region for nearly two decades. Above all, Dr. Vafa is a valued member and active participant in a number of highly regarded professional associations. Such as, ADA (American Dental Association, the AGD (Academy of General Dentistry), and the CDA (California Dental Association). He is frequently asked to lecture on his exceptional cosmetic dentistry techniques.

An additional service that sets Smiles Angels of Beverly Hills far above the average dental practice in the area is their availability, around the clock, for dental emergencies. They believe that no one needs to be in pain when there is a top quality dentist available in the area. If you have a dental emergency, you can contact their service by calling 424-23-5152.

If you are in need of a cosmetic dentistry treatment, you can schedule a consultation or an appointment with Dr. Vafa. Moreover, Smile Angels of Beverly Hills offers free dental consultation to all Los Angeles residents. Why Wait!?

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