The Truth behind $399 dental implants
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The Truth behind $399 dental implants

People looking for affordable dental implants often consider going for 399 dental implants. Before anyone starts searching for “399 dental implants near me”, they’ll want to know the truth about dental implants under 500 dollars. The team here at Smile Angels have done the research so you can make an informative choice.

399 Dental Implants: Is It Too Good To Be True

We firmly believe that 399 dental implants are too good to be true. In fact, so are dental implants under 1000. The truth is 399 dental implants actually mean that only the implant post is paid for. Dental implants are made-up of three different parts, with the implant post being one of them.

Asides from the dental post, there is the crown and the abutment that factors into cost. Let’s not forget to mention fees for X-rays, dental labor and laboratory fees. This means there’s only a small chance that quality 399 dental implants are actually offered by dentists.

Note that if someone searches for “399 dental implants near me” and they find a place that offers them the procedure for $399, then they need to be wary. Quality is of the utmost importance when it comes to affordable dental implants.

The Reality Of 399 Dental Implants

The reality of 399 dental implants, as well as the majority of advertisements for dental implants under 500 is you don’t find out what the total cost is until you actually finish a consultation with the dentist. We have heard stories of people seeing advertisements for 399 dental implants, only to learn they would need to pay a few thousand dollars for just a single dental implant.

Quality Of 399 Dental Implants

We are concern for people who find advertisements for “399 dental implants near me”. We feel that they can be tricked into thinking they’ll get very affordable implants. Not only that, dental practices that advertise 399 dental implants are usually using low quality parts for their dental implants.

Dental implant posts should be made with titanium. This material bonds to bones without any problems. Titanium does an amazing job at ensuring the jawbone is stabilized. Advertisements for 399 dental implants usually leave out what type of material is used.

Smile Angels know that 399 dental implants and even 800 dental implants are not worth getting. This is due to low quality materials. We also know that dental implants should have a high lifetime success rate. However, your implants probably won’t last long if you opt for 399 dental implants or for dental implants under 1000.

It’s important to choose implants that will last a lifetime. This is why we strongly discourage responding to ads for “399 dental implants near me” or 800 dental implants.

399 Dental Implants & Outsourced Work

A huge issue with “399 dental implants near me” is there is usually outsourcing involved. We have heard of patients receiving implant posts, but then not receiving the other two parts that make-up the implant.

Companies offering 800 dental implants or dental implants under 500 outsource you. This means a private dentist will handle the rest of your procedure. We don’t really see patients whop are satisfied with just having a dental implant post. Furthermore, a private dentist will charge you whatever they want to complete the procedure.

How Companies Offering 399 Dental Implants Make Money

As previously mentioned, when answering “399 dental implants near me” ads, you’ll eventually be outsourced. Companies offering 399 dental implants or dental implants under 500 receive a commission. Every time they send a patient to a private dentist, they receive a referral fee. This is sometimes the case for dental implants under 1000 or with 800 dental implants.

The bottom line is if you see dental implants being advertised for cheap, then be wary. You could end up paying far more than you expected for your “dental implants under 1000 dollars”.

Substandard Service Associated With 800 Dental Implants

Substandard service is associated with 800 dental implants and with dental implants under 500 dollars. Dentists who do not care about their patients will have no problem with misleading prospective patients. They do this because they only care about one thing, which is money. In turn, you can expect nothing but poor service throughout the entire process.

We understand that there are exceptions to the rule. Unfortunately, receiving dental implants under 1000 and getting excellent service is unlikely going to happen.

Additional Issues With Dental Implants Under 1000 Dollars

If you actually find dental implants under 1000 dollars or dental implants under 500, then don’t consider yourself lucky. This is because additional issues could arise as a result of shoddy dental work. A few problems include:

  • Dental implants weren’t fitted properly
  • Pain
  • High risk of infection
  • Harm adjacent teeth

Those are only a handful of potential issues associated with cheap dental implants from unethical dental practices.

Final Verdict: True 399 Dental Implants Don’t Exist

Affordable dental implants do exist. However, 399 dental implants that include all three components do not. If you ever see advertisements for 399 dental implants, then steer clear of the company. It’s simply not worth the potential problems.

Affordable Dental Implants From Smile Angels

Instead of trying to find 399 dental implants, you can contact us. We are highly skilled professionals who have a great deal if experience. You should choose us for dental implants for the following reasons:

  • Affordable Dental Implants- Yes, we truly offer affordable dental implants. In fact, we offer A to Z Tooth Implant for $3500. It might not be $399, but this is still a competitive price when compared to other dental practices.
  • Quality- Affordable dental implants don’t have to be of low quality. We use high quality materials, which means you’ll enjoy your implants for a lifetime. We’re confident you’ll love the end results.
  • Transparent– You’ll know exactly how much you’ll pay and what the procedure will involve. Transparency is key to establishing trust among our patients.
  • Compassion- Finally, we truly care about each and every patient that walks through our doors. This is one of the reasons we have built long-term relationships with many of people.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today or schedule a consultation via our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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