How to get Affordable Dental Care in Los Angeles, CA
affordable dentist in los angeles

How to get Affordable Dental Care in Los Angeles, CA

Looking to find an affordable dentist in Beverly Hills, CA? Afraid of the dental treatment possible costs? One of the core principles of Smile Angels of Beverly Hills is to provide affordable dental treatment for all of our patients. When someone is in need of dental treatment, they should not be afraid of the costs. There are a number of dental offices in the Beverly Hills area that tend to charge their patients higher prices for routine and cosmetic procedures. Because, they are located in the 90210 zip code. Smile Angels does not adhere to this line of thought. Rather than price our services at celebrity prices, our patients, including celebrities, will pay the industry’s customary and reasonable rates for all of their pediatric and adult treatments.

Why Affordable Dental Care

We believe that everyone deserves the best quality of dental care, in the most comfortable environment possible. Every patient, regardless of his or her age, is afforded complete and thorough treatment for their individual issues. There are no two patients with exactly the same needs, but the cost of those treatments are the same for each patient.

That said, it is important for each patient to know that Smile Angels of Beverly Hills is dedicated to providing affordable dental care without emptying out someone’s bank account. This means that every patient will know the cost of his or her treatment before it is started. While payment is expected at the time that the treatment is done, the financial manager at the dental office is willing and able to work out payment arrangements with each patient. This service is available in advance of treatment procedures so that there is no surprise after the dental visit is completed. Timely payment for our dental procedures allows us to keep the cost of our services at affordable rates without the need to increase prices to cover unpaid accounts.

Affordable Dentist in Los Angeles

In our efforts to furnish everyone with affordable dental care in the Los Angeles, CA area, we offer several valuable services at no cost to the patient. One of these services is a free dental consultation for new patients. Another no-cost service that we support is a free second opinion evaluation when someone is seeking the best quality of care at the most affordable cost. There are very few dental practices that offer a free second opinion for either determining the patient’s personal cost for treatment or for documentation for an insurance claim. With these no-cost evaluations and consultations, patients have nothing to lose and everything to gain with the resulting information. At Smile Angels of Beverly Hills, we are far more concerned with each patient’s dental health requirements than with a comparison of cost inquiry.

In addition to our exceptionally reasonable dental costs, we encourage current and potential patients to maintain their dental well-being with occasional dental offers and treatment promotions. If you have been contemplating a corrective dental treatment, call our office to see what promotions we are currently offering.

Most Insurances Accepted

Our dental office works with the majority of dental insurance companies. We are continuously adding and updating the names of those insurance companies that we work with, and we have provided a full, current list of those insurance companies on the Insurances We Accept tab under the About Us page. Rarely does an insurance policy pay the full price for a dental treatment. This means that the patient will be responsible for any remaining balance. Our financial office will provide the necessary paperwork required by insurance companies to support the dental treatment provided.

Low monthly payments and financing

In addition to dental insurance payments, we also accept credit cards and checks. Depending on the individual patient’s financial situation, we may be able to arrange for time payments or with help in providing the necessary paperwork for getting support for dental treatments from dental lending firms. We also offer the most affordable dental implants in Los Angeles.

If you are ready to make an appointment for routine or corrective dental treatment with one of our experienced dentists, or you want to arrange for a initial consultation, or you are in need of a second opinion, call our consultation line at 310-201-9003. If you are in need of emergency dental care, call our 24/7 emergency line at 424-253-5152.

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