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Children dentistry Beverly Hills

What Should You Do When Your Child Loses a Tooth?

The losing of baby teeth by your child is a normal and an inevitable process. It paves way for the growth of permanent teeth. Usually, they will continue falling out until the wisdom teeth are in, and this can take until he or she is anywhere between the age of 17 and 21. 

Baby teeth have a variety of functions, but most importantly they play a significant role in the oral development of the child. Sometimes, your child might lose baby teeth earlier than expected. This can make the child vulnerable to orthodontic difficulties when he or she grows up. What should you do?

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Color Braces Los Angeles

Color Braces Idea Los Angeles, CA

Braces are becoming more exciting than ever before because of the options that are available for orthodontic patients now. For example, if you want to jazz up your braces smile, you can opt to get Beverly Hills color braces. Beverly Hills color braces are an excellent idea for you if you are into fashion or if you’re a student who wants to be the envy of your friends. Here’s some information about the colored options and how you and the specialist can work together to decide which set of braces you want to wear.

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Veneers cost in Beverly Hills

Cost of Veneers in Beverly Hills

You have heard of porcelain veneers and decided this is the way to go for you, but you are on a budget. Your next step is to decide how much they cost. You go online searching Beverly Hills porcelain veneers and find more than you bargained for. Finding every price from $950.00 to $3,000.00 per tooth, you wonder how they can range so widely from one doctor to the next. Before completely giving up on veneers, you need to know the circumstances that determine the price.

What are Some Price Factors for Porcelain Veneers

  • As any good Realtor will tell you, it is all about location, location, location. Where are you looking? Two dentists, offering the exact procedures can have wildly different prices. One dentist is in the heart of a huge city surrounded by wealthy people. This dentist can charge the higher prices and still attract patients willing to pay. A doctor in a rural area will be more mindful of everyday people that do not have money to burn and will not only charge much less but may even work out payments.
  • The number of trips you will need to design and fit your Beverly Hills porcelain veneers will add to your final bill.
  • The extras, like getting temporary veneers while waiting on your permanent ones, are costs that can be avoided. Just be patient.
  • The amount of material needed is one of the major costs. Be sure before you begin what you really need. For instance, if you have a shorter tooth, it will require more material to build it up to match the other teeth.
  • Repairs are sometimes an extra cost most people don’t figure into the original amount, but should. Accidents do happen from time to time, and planning ahead will eliminate surprises later.
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Zoom Teeth Whitening Cost

Best Places for Teeth Whitening in Los Angeles

After years of routine visits to your favorite coffee shop and the break room at work, the effects are starting to show on your teeth. You want to start looking into places that offer teeth whitening in Los Angeles, but you find so many different techniques offered at so many different places. Before making your choice, you should familiarize yourself with the different procedures such as Zoom teeth whitening in Los Angeles and which place offers the teeth whitening in Los Angeles that you need.

What Caused the Stains?

Over time, the enamel that covers the surface of your teeth can become discolored from everyday activities that we don’t even think about. Coffee, tea, wine, and even your favorite marinara sauce can cause your teeth to take on stains. If you don’t pay enough attention to your brushing and flossing routine, the stains can set in and even penetrate the enamel to stain the dentin. That is when it is time to seek teeth whitening in Los Angeles.

What is Teeth Whitening in Los Angeles?

When looking for a dentist to do your teeth whitening in Los Angeles, look for one that offers a free consultation. This important process will allow you and your doctor to decide which system is right for you.
Over-the-counter whitening systems may not be the answer. They can contain harsh chemicals that can actually weaken the enamel instead of helping it look better. If this happens, stains can become worse. It is best to find professional teeth whitening in Los Angeles.
Traditional whitening involves a course of a prescription whitening gel placed in trays. Your gums are first prepped to prevent irritation from the gel, then the trays are placed on the teeth for at least an hour. In this time your doctor will be monitoring your progress to be sure there is no discomfort. These teeth whitening in Los Angeles methods require at least two to three visits to reach the level of whiteness you desire.

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Invisalign Los Angeles

Clear Braces or Traditional Braces, Which One to Choose!

Do you have an overbite, crowded teeth, or gaps? Your smile greets the world for you. You can speak volumes with just one smile, but if you are experiencing problems with the alignment of your teeth, you may not feel comfortable showing that smile. This is the time to look into Beverly Hills orthodontics.
If you have decided to look into straightening your teeth, you have options. You can choose Beverly Hills traditional braces, or go for the clear orthodontic tray braces. Lately, there has been a publicity push for clear braces, but for some issues, they may not be the right choice for you.
So, how do you decide? First, you need to compare the two. To get all the facts, a Los Angeles orthodontics specialist can help you by giving you a full consultation. Here is a comparison to help you get started.

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Snap on Smile Beverly Hills

A complete Guide to Snap-On Smile

What do you do if you have a less than perfect smile, but can not afford traditional treatments like braces or tooth whitening? Snap-on Smile in Beverly Hills could be the solution you have been looking for. More and more people are turning to Snap-on Smile of Los Angeles for this affordable alternative.
So, what exactly is a Snap-on Smile? Here are some of the details to get you on the road to a beautiful smile.

What is Snap-on Smile

A Snap-on Smile in Beverly Hills is a unique solution to expensive treatments. Made from very thin dental resin, they fit similar to the way whitening trays fit over your teeth. Make no mistake, however. A Snap-on Smile is not like clear braces. They cosmetically mask imperfections. They are not a corrective procedure. Think of them as a face-lift for your teeth. They cover gaps, crooked teeth, missing teeth, and stained teeth without a long-term commitment. This makes the Snap-on Smile of Los Angeles a perfect choice if you simply wish to see how you would look after a more permanent solution.

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A Complete Guide To Mouthguards in Los Angeles, CA

A mouth guard is a device that is placed over the teeth. The purpose of a mouth guard is to protect the teeth during a sport or other physical activity. It can also be used to protect the teeth from grinding or clinching. Patients who suffer from temporomandibular joint disorder, or TMJ disorder, are often prescribed a mouth guard. A mouth guard can cushion the joints in the jaw.

Do I Need a Mouth Guard?

Anybody who plays a contact sport, such as football, needs to wear a mouth guard. Even if you play a non-contact sport, you will still need to wear a mouth guard if you are at an increased risk of suffering a mouth injury. This includes sports like gymnastics and skating.

People who have a problem with teeth grinding also need to wear a mouth guard. A mouth guard can prevent your teeth from getting injured or falling out if you are hit in the face. It can also prevent you from damaging your teeth if you grind them.

Types of Mouth Guards

There are three main types of mouth guards that you can find in Los Angeles. You can get a ready-made mouth guard, mouth-formed mouth guard or custom-made mouth guard. Many people who live in Los Angeles opt to get a ready-made mouth guard because it is inexpensive. You can find one of these mouth guards at a sporting goods store or drug store.

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all on 4 dental implants promotion

A New Look into All on 4 Dental Implant Problems and Complications

All on 4 dental implant is a term that refers to the cosmetic dental procedure used to replace a full set of upper or lower teeth using only 4 dental implants. All on 4 Los Angeles means that there are 4, statically positioned, implants used to hold a full set of 14 teeth in place. A dental implant is the screw-like peg inserted into the jawbone where it becomes the support for holding the covering crown in place. The all on 4 Los Angeles implant process is less costly than having 14 individual dental implants, but there are potential problems and complications associated with this method of teeth replacements. Here are 5 common issues that patients may encounter:

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Most experienced Dentist in Beverly Hills

Who Is the Most Experienced Cosmetic Dentist in Beverly Hills, CA

Smile Angels of Beverly Hills has a team of dentists unlike any other dental practice in the greater Los Angeles area. It is led by Dr. Bruce Vafa, the most experienced cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills, CA. It is Dr. Vafa’s business philosophy that makes this dental office one of the top dental practices in the region. Dr. Vafa believes that every patient, adult or child, is to be treated as if he or she is a member of his family, regardless of their financial situation or public fame. He also sees each person as the individual that he or she is, with personalized and unique oral considerations.

Smile Angels of Beverly Hills offers a full range of dental services, from routine dental examinations and cleanings to intricate dental surgery and oral cavity restorations. This dental practice offers general adult dentistry, specialized pediatric dental services, specialized cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, reconstructive dental surgery, and both traditional and holistic dentistry. Dr. Vafa is recognized as a true expert in his chosen profession and one of the leading dentists in the Los Angeles area.

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